Saturday, March 29, 2008

Valedictory Address

Madame Belinda B. Bartolome, LAMS president; Ma’am Ma. Myra M. Pinca, institutional principal; Ma’am Princess C. Manaban, principal of the high school department, LAMS Alido; Ma’am Michelle dela Cruz, principal of the high school department, LAMS Rocka; Ma’am Violeta Maclang-Santos, head of the pre-elementary department of LAMS Rocka, Ma’am Eden Matic, head of the pre-elementary department of LAMS Alido, Ma’am Eunice dela Cruz, head of the elementary department of LAMS, T. Marilou Santos, adviser of the graduating class, dear teachers, beloved parents, fellow graduates and friends, good evening!

God can never be outdone in generosity. This fact is evident in today’s graduation of seventeen high school students of Lord’s Angels Montessori School whose doors are now open to college life. We, the graduates, stand at the threshold of another milestone with new challenges and opportunities available only to those individuals ready and willing to make their lives worth living. Here we are, counting our blessings, preparing ourselves for another exciting journey and taking stocks of what made us full-pledged graduates. To the Good Lord who made this momentous event possible, let us rise in humility, our hearts and minds, in adoration and gratitude. He is our way, our life and the truth. God, indeed, is present in us and in our history.

People come and people go, but some leave marks of undying memories. High school life is a very significant phase of our youth. This is the stage where heart-warming friendships develop and are nurtured. This stage of our growth also signifies our crucial preparation for our career later in life. Now, we are about to leave the portals of our Alma Mater, the color of those old familiar walls, the faces of the years from their halls, the laughter and tears of our fellow Montessorians and the images and memories of our beloved mentors.

Our ever dearest parents provided us with the priceless gifts of life. No words can tell how lucky each one of us is because we got parents who are like you who endlessly care and love us… parents who guide us to the right path and parents whose patience long from east to west that even the worst sin we commit, you can forgive and forget. Truly, when everyone abandoned you and cannot comprehend your ways, they were the one who support and hug you through your darkest nighttime. My mother and father are the most dependable people in this world that remain at my side when I feel like a failure. They put me to the pedestal where I am now and without them, I’ll be nothing and I’ll be no one. They encouraged me to do and try things on my own. They taught me to be wise and be thankful that at the end of the day, no matter how far I have been, I must manage to come back home, hug them and whisper silently that they were my inspiration.

Our esteemed teachers are truly models of inspiration. They are the heads, hearts and hands that care. They taught me and the rest of their students those vital things in life that can never be found in any textbook. They taught me to be patient in everything that I am doing. They brought out the best in me and instilled an important thing in my brain and heart, “There are unlimited blessings that I am receiving and the best way to show my gratification is to be a blessing to others, too.” They really showed me that aside from my parents, they are also there, ready and willing to lighten my burden. I shall never ever forget them. There have been series of circumstances when their concern for me was tested and proven. They never fail me when trouble comes though at times, I do fail them and make the trouble myself. I adore you and may you continue to sharpen minds, shape futures, touch lives and change souls.

We render salute to our respectable school administrators. They created in us emblems of leaders with vision and committed heralds of change, which is an indispensable requisite for growing up. They inspire us with the clarion call: The Golden Values School, which enable to see, lead and live the light of faith in God.

My peers and fellow graduates let us carry on! To people and institution who have touched our lives and lead us to the pedestal where we are now, let us doff our hats! They are the stars for all seasons. They, who educated unto the realities of life, faith, hope and charity, shall shine like stars for all eternity. Now is the opportunity to prove everyone that success is running in our veins. To all those very special people who played a very significant role in my studies, you are my motivation. When hope seems unclear and my life is full of uncertainties, you remind me that I have plans… plans of growing old with the ambitions I promised to fulfill. You remind me that I’ll never be alone simply because you are there. You constantly remind me that when everyone doubt my abilities, you remain consistent, standing at a corner of a room, admiring me softly and helping me improve all my weaknesses.

Fellow graduates, let us ignite the blazing flame of knowledge once more. Our parents, teachers and friends should never be forgotten. They were the launching pad who made us soar high and told us that we are now ready to take off once more. Be glad for we are the keys to unlock doors of success. We are the frontiers of possible growth and development in this humanity and remember that once in our lives, Lord’s Angels Montessori School brought out the best in us and allowed us to discover things that can never be found in our thick text books. It completed our journey and made us stay on track. Always remember that we are who we are now because the people around us molded us this way. Keep in mind that once in our life, one voice called us and we became one in heart, mind, spirit and truth.

Maraming, maraming salamat po!

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