Sunday, August 03, 2008

The Driver of the Hunched-Back

Oh, those new and model cars! They never fail to catch my eyes whenever I am driving along EDSA. My grandmother, whose soul should now be resting, always tells me that I shouldn't be jealous and that I should be contented of what I have have. If she would be hearing me saying this at the moment, she must be telling me that I am evil- the very question that circles my mind right now.

One time, I am on my way to Malolos City. The atmosphere in Metro is slowly suffocating me and so I decided to take a vacation on Christmas. I really do not know the place but I am pretty much confident that I won't lose my way because Filipinos are hospitable. After three hours of travel, I decided to stop over Valenzuela and ask the people there if I am on my right track. A cigarette lighted and buko juice gulped then I saw two teenagers who seemed to finished a basketball game. They stared at my car, as if they saw a UFO then they laughed and hit each others nape. I checked the bumper of my car, the doors, everything and did not saw any spot of laughter. "Well, they maybe laughing about something else," I told myself. I returned to my seat and determined to reach my destination as soon as possible. There are children on my side and in my surprise, they hit each other's nape again and laughed so hard. This made me shocked, very very shocked. "Why, oh why? Why do they have to hurt each other upon seeing my car? Do I have a curse or a wicked promise? Am I evil? Is this car a medium of the darkness? Why, oh why?" I kept on asking myself and up to now, mind you, I still do not know the answer.
Everywhere I go, people around me hurt each other then followed by a very noisy laugh. "Aha!" I said as I realized something. "Maybe, this is a sign about the present crisis of our country." I knew it! This is a premonition, a signal, a call for my conscience. Maybe I should be limiting my fuel by just traveling through public transport vehicles... but what about my promise to my grandmother? When she was in the dawn of her life, she gave me the key to this yellow hunched-back car. As I learned, she bought this for a very high price during their time. This is very important to her because this is what brings her to the most special and important occasions in her life and she gave it to me because I deserve something special, too. She told me to drive this to the places I need to go and this shall bring me kilometers away from all of my dreams. What about her gift?

To be completely honest, it had crossed my mind that I can just buy a new car- something which is new and would amaze people. I would drive the shiny car while I am wearing a loose but elegant long sleeves polo with a black shades while saying, "Black looks good." but no! Something would stop me, maybe my conscience that would pull me out of the car shop and paste me on the driver's seat of my hunched-back car. Maybe, the car has a curse or a magnet that it would never leave me. Maybe the car can hypnotize people to hurt each other by hitting on the nape. Maybe my hunched-back car is what will be bring me luck in all my destination just what it once did for my grandmother.

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