Saturday, August 16, 2008

A Forced Blog Entry

Oh, what a day! People's irony of life is such a silly thing to analyze. They grumble if they have a lot of tasks to accomplish yet they still complain when boredom starts to dominate their lives. I, myself, is an evident. But no, I am not a jerk and mind you, I know exactly what you think!

Midterms, long exams and graded recitations are the things that built my connotation of "tension". The idea of being expelled from my school makes me shaky during the night. Yes, paranoia. Insomnia. Name it! But I would like to deal with academics more than the stupid complexity of life. Being busy is wearing a sign that says, "Hey, I'm minding my own business and I have no time to for you, idiot." Oh, my apologies to little children who are reading this blog and more apologies to their rightful parents who tried to give them guidance against vulgar words. It drives me nuts and makes me nuts! Sometimes, I ride jeepneys and compute for the variable x in terms of various innequalities and geometric sequences. Most of the times, when my planner is full of the dreadful word, deadline and my clipboard is wrapped with post-it notes, reminding me of "what-to-dos", I lie down my bed, feel the warmth of the blanket and tenderness of the pillow and escape from the tragic world of pressure for I know very well that tomorrow's gonna eat me, and even if I sleep, still, problems will continue to bug me.

Life is not that bugging as I sounded a while ago. There is this another world, or another life termed to as laziness. Taa-daah! Here comes my favorite! Well, in this world, you'll never know when you're finish doing nothing because technically, you are not doing anything. This is the world where you will have to buy an ice cream, stare at yourself in the mirror with the ice cream and realize that you're such a loser because you cannot get yourself occupied. Suddenly, you're helpless and start smashing your face with the ice cream (preferably vanilla flavor). You try to scream, you try to cry but no, you'll realize that you are the only person whose only activity is breathing. You hold your knees and watch Dora the Explorer while singing with Boots. While you're happy with the activity, you'll begin swinging yourself just like a rocking chair, forcefully in the tune of London Bridge. Happy. Happy. You'll begin to assume that you're terribly busy and you are satisfied with your desperate acts and so a friend will enter your room and pray as he sees what you're doing. "Oh my... GOODNESS!" he will scream and call the psychologist to help you. Later on, the psych will ask you about your damn problem and he's gonna tell you the lines "The idle mind is the devil's dwelling place." It is another way of telling you that you're doomed! You're cursed! And for the rest of you're life, you will be considered evil because you had once an idle mind.

Oh, peaceful melody. Instead of resulting to a completely insane human, I resorted into making a forced blog entry.

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