Sunday, August 03, 2008

I Love it When it Rains

I love it when it rains... the music of the raindrops wakes me during a cold and damp morning... I'll wake up and realize that there are no classes... I'll feel relaxed and comfortable upon realizing that I have a whole day to celebrate. As I stood and arrange my bed, I stare crearly at the window, my face experiencing the atmosphere's glory... admiring softly the gentleness of the wind and the calmness of the ambiance... It gives me the reason to enjoy another day. I believe in the bravery of the raindrops-never afraid of falling and falling into nowhere. They do not even know the meaning of the word "regret" but memorize the word "risk" by heart. I love it when the leaves are all happy with the pouring rain.. They were celebrating the algid shower, returning the glory that was once withered by the cruel sun. I love it when I decided to step out of our closed door, feeling the weather on my face. I realize that I was never alone because there are happy children playing in the rain. They are all laughing as they jump and hop into the wet ground. They are never worried about the sickness that they can possibly get but focused on the satisfaction of playing. They are children and their happiness rely on mere things. They are never concerned of being wet, what's wrong with that, anyway? I'll move around then suddenly weeps... I'll realize how gloomy the heaven is. It is as if all the angels are weeping from above. Yet it is still a good thing, because no one can notice me crying... I simply love it when it rains... I remeber all the other times when it did rain too... I was also gloomy that time and the feeling bounced back... It once again, crushed my heart into million pieces. I hate remembering that... but I still love the rain... Know why? because for the long run... I finally felt the coldness outside... and not from WITHIN...

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