Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Girls, Oh, Girls

I remembered that I once answered a survey in friendster. It says, “If you will be given a chance to be born again and choose your gender, what will it be?” I looked at the answer of the person who posted that survey. She said that she wants to be a boy so that she’ll know what if feels to be like them.

Apparently, I can never imagine me having all these emotions while being a boy. If ever I will be, maybe people will see me as the most talkative and most vain kind of boy. There’s this something about being a girl called the “freedom to express emotions”. We talk, we talk and we talk. All the time. We talk about everything. We talk in the bathroom. We talk on our way home. We talk on the telephone. Our friends know everything about us because we talk. Of course it’s available for the other gender too but then again if you’re a boy, you also have this “rule of limiting emotions”. I don’t know. Maybe it’s their nature not to cry about those silly part ways and break up’s and fights. Maybe they just don’t show. Maybe some of their friends know what they are going through but then again, they seldom talk and if they do, they’ll talk limitedly. You have to convince them first before telling the story to you. That’s their nature. That is what the society expects of them.

I wonder how it feels to be like them, too. You know, having no problems even if they’re all sweaty and greasy and untidy. I wonder how it certainly feels to court someone you really love and then dumped just because she wants to. I wonder how it feels to explode. You know, when I have all these thoughts but then again I am a boy and so I won’t result to talking to my blog and myself. I really wonder how it exactly feels to be a boy. However, as much as I wonder, I love being a girl and keeping all these diaries which normally begin with “I hate this day”. It feels great to choose between those fabulous and stylish clothes that it takes us hours just to dress up (and admire ourselves in the mirror and practice dancing and practice sitting formally and practice smiling that fall-in-love-with-me kind of smile and checking every inch of us to check for imperfections and many more…). It’s fabulous to receive those pretty bouquets of flowers and smelling them (even if it is odorless and we know it but then again, something tells us to smell those flowers just to look sweet and appreciative). It feels great to spend our whole day with our girl friends shopping or going to the spa or simply hanging out in their homes and then after we all go home, we still have lots to talk to them on the phone. We love waffles and stilettos and pink and blue and dolls and butterflies and gowns and penguins. It maybe weird but surely, it feels great and more importantly, it’s natural. Very.

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