Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Little Miss (Sort Of) Busy

For weeks (Okay, fine. It’s just weeks. I just thought it was years.), I’ve been constantly grumbling about boredom and how I hate vacation because I always wanted to be busy or at least appear as one. My mom eventually got irritated with me just lying on my bed, eating, blogging for a while, eating again and sleeping again. I was just slacking, you know, going nowhere, doing nothing and just complaining. If I were my mom, I will also be irritated and so she decided to assign some household chores to me. After all, she knows that I’ll follow her (I am a natural-born obedient child even if you ask her). I am actually desperate for a hobby.

I volunteered to wash the clothes and oh my! I wasn’t expecting that I’ll be washing that many. (Well, I was just expecting about 10 pairs.) She handled me three baskets all loaded with used clothes, some full of mud and some just have a not-so-good smell. I remembered my dormitory while I was doing the laundry. Back then, I also wash my clothes every Tuesday and Thursday. It’s a sort of obligation that I, being in college, should start learning about what a girl-slash-lady should know. Household chores, that is and washing clothes is top on the list. While I was midway my washing, I laughed upon realizing my widest, craziest ambition of mine way back maybe when I was four. It was to become a labandera in Filipino and (sorry) I don’t know the exact translation in English but it is someone who goes to your house and then washes all your clothes. She won’t be using any machine, just her hands and oh, heavenly soap. (Get it? If not, then better contact me for enlightenment.) I wished to become a labandera back then because I want my hands to be always clean and I thought that I will be very fulfilled if it will happen.

While there were about four pairs of clothes left, I felt stress. I felt exhaustion, too, the very exhaustion I always feel whenever I am in my university, walking then studying then walking then reading. It’s actually physical and mental exhaustion. But it completes me. I know it’s weird but stress for me, is such an incredible thing that it makes people forget their real problems. It makes them distracted (in a very good way) about dealing with their dilemmas. Just like school. It makes me concentrate on academics and getting good grades rather than crying over family problems and I-like-him-but-he-is-owned-by-her kinds of difficulties (So okay. Maybe this is destined for my next post. I am still deciding whether to include love life here or not.). Just like when I was washing. I felt stress in my back, brain and all over my body and I was like, oh, I still have to hang these clothes so I shouldn’t be tired this early. I was busy. And it’s heavenly that I haven’t called myself busy for weeks (that I mistakenly thought as forever). It’s nice to feel that I was back (to being Little Miss Busy. After all, Little Miss Busy sounds chic-er rather than Ms. Slacker.).

So I hang the clothes and I felt like I was a year older (Whenever I wash clothes, I feel like I was a year older or any of the like, so if that is true, I feel like I am about thirty-five now?). Maybe it was because I felt the responsibility, too and maybe because I (somehow) achieved one of my childhood dreams apart from being a princess and a sexy superhero and an actress and a cook and an astronaut (So that will be another post again).

Finally, I slept soundly like I was really exhausted by what I did and for a moment, I was able to forget that I was missing school and friends. For a moment, I felt like everything was normal although it really wasn’t. And it was actually that sleep that made me going again, ready for the next weeks that I’ll surely be complaining about.


Miss Milk said...

Wow, you must be the first person I've ever heard of who actually wanted, at one point, to wash clothes for a living (I think the English word is washerwoman?). It's the kind of thing I'd sell my soul to get out of doing.

(Not really. I need my soul.)

Then again, there was a time when I thought that washing dogs for a living would be a really awesome job. Maybe it's not so strange.

Misfit said...

Hoo boy...that's quite a request you made missy. I don't believe I'm capable of waxing poetic about accounting.

If that's what you wanna be when you grow up, may the force be with you. But if you want something fun, you'd have a better time of it being a washerwoman.

Rhaingel said...

MISS MILK: haha! So that makes me unique as a person and as a child back then. Thank you for the English translation. So that's washerwoman. And you're very unique as a child, too because if I wanted to wash clothes, you wanted to wash dogs.

Thanks for dropping by and for following. It's very much appreciated. :)

Rhaingel said...

MISFIT: oh i see. but i am still hoping. haha! Maybe someday, when you're very much on the mood about your job, then you might be able to make a post about it. (just hoping)

I've already forgot about being a washerwoman. (I mean, I just remember it once in a while and that is something my family should rejoice upon).

anyway, thanks for dropping by my blog and giving some comments. It's really appreciated. :)