Thursday, October 16, 2008

Paper Dolls

…And apparently, I caught myself playing paper dolls.

No, not necessarily PAPER dolls. Maybe they were hi-tech paper dolls. I was busy thinking of how to make myself occupied this semestral break. It’s around three weeks of idleness and that’s something. I am not used to it, definitely. What I am used to is being so busy with school works that I get to sleep only four hours a day. That's all about being a college student is. That’s my life and so three weeks of doing nothing will make me insane. I do not want to sleep all day and then blog and then sleep again. I want to do something else that I did not manage to do during school days. I never wanted to be drowned in that same what if, what if, what if. That will get me to melancholy again and I said no more to it. Enough, just enough. I want to be productive (at least in my own definition of being busy) and so I tried to search for free trial games again (see LITTLE MISS DISTURBED post). While I was fascinated over the titles and descriptions, I clicked on a particular game which seems to reflect all about womanhood and I downloaded it. The title of the game was Fashionista and in there, you will be the over-all organizer of a fashion magazine. It was another make-believe game. Just as I thought that it will all about earning income and revenues and assigning photographers, models, editors and writers, I was wrong. I forgot that it was supposed to be a game for children and not for teen agers like me. It was actually about buying clothes for your model and dressing her up. Right. Dressing her up. Just like what I used to do thirteen years ago with those one peso carton-made paper dolls. I played with them and make them go to parties, make them talk and walk, make them pretty and make them fall in love.

It’s all about childhood things and I was just so surprised (really shocked) that the computer broke down, turned to black and then said that I just finished my free trial and if I want to continue my game, I should bought the software for blah-blah-blah dollars. What a shame! I thought. It’s insane but I really felt insulted by that notice. It's like saying, "Sorry dearest, you got to find a more matured game for you." Of course it did not say anything like that (because if it did, I might be on a computer store now, purchasing a new monitor), I was just paranoid. I cannot imagine myself playing with that thing for an hour, undisturbed. I cannot imagine a seventeen years old lady who is so serious about getting the ugly model dressed and shopping tops and bottoms for her (not to mention accessories, sandals and dresses). I also have these lazy thoughts that maybe I look like so problematic upon dressing the model that anyone who will be seeing my expression will think that I am solving a Mathematics problem. It’s leisure. It’s entertainment. (After all, the game was for ages four and up so I am still included) Maybe it’s boredom. Surely, it is. I cannot think of a better excuse or another valid reason. It’s only boredom that made me commit to those silly games. After all, it’s not a sin. Right? It’s not.

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