Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Sweet Dose of Imagination

When I was a kid, I always aimed to be Cinderella. Back then, I was crazy about the idea of turning to a beautiful princess and of course, finding my prince and celebrating happy ending. Those from-rags-to-riches sort of things disillusioned me unto the realities of life.

It's not that I am always staying on the negative side of things. I do believe in happily ever after endings after all, if ever you're curious. But then, I realized that I want to be a fairy goddess more than a majestic princess. Perhaps a thinner, younger and prettier Cindy's fairy god mother will do. This is the list of what I am going to do if ever I'll magically turn into a fairy goddess:

I'LL STOP TIME whenever I am with the person who matters most. I know. Changes are constant. I know, too. People come and people go. I have been told and warned all about these realities. So the remedy is *drum rolls* stopping time when I am with him. Isn't it nice? I mean, with a snap, everyone freezes except for of course, the two of us who will be screaming and dancing and laughing and tumbling and singing and walking and flying. We may also laugh at all those frozen people who seems to be hurrying but then again, the choice and power lies within my thumb and middle finger. We will go to every places we know and when the time continued, we shall always reminisce all the wonderful moments we have given each other.
  • I'LL BE ABLE TO TELEPORT. In here, I won't end up embracing insanity and melancholy for whenever I need someone to talk to, I'll simply close my eyes, concentrate and presto, I'll be standing right in front of somewhere I want to be. This aids a lot in solving distance problems. This aids a lot in avoiding all those feeling of longings and dissatisfaction oozing all those unspoken words. This aids a lot in solving emptiness. I was thinking that if I can teleport, maybe I can have him with me and we will have this blink-fast journey to places we see only in our dreams. Maybe if I can have this, I won't be too worried about his safety when he goes home and it's quite late and still a long, winding road awaits.
  • I'LL TURN BACK TIME. You maybe right about what you are thinking. I mean, yes, it's partly all about fascination and partly about regrets. You know, things I wished I never did. I was just thinking that maybe, if I could turn back time, I must have been happier today though at the moment, I am experiencing full bliss. Maybe if I could turn back time, I won't be wasting it doing soul-searching and giving myself tons of reasons to be sad. I must have been better and so the situation must be. If I can turn back time, maybe I won't be giving Cinderella her 12 o' clock deadline. It sucks.
  • I'LL READ MINDS and know by heart all that he needs to say which never reached his lips. I'll know how happy he really is or how uneasy with his perplexities. I'll know the perfect words to tell how special he is because for the past months, I have been searching for those and until today, nothing's more exact than my feelings. Maybe I can read minds of my professors, too and know what to say whenever they challenge my intelligence. Cool, isn't it?
  • I'LL BE INVISIBLE and follow him wherever he goes. No, not a stalker but someone who wants to be assured that he will always be fine and safe. I want him to feel my presence. Always. and whenever I notice that he is getting gloomy, I'll show up and say hi and do everything just to win his beautiful smile again.
  • I'LL HAVE THE ABILITY TO MAKE OTHERS HAPPY so that I'll be able to repay him even for a bit.

    This is just a short list. I mean, I can always continue and go on for as long as I take a little sweet dose of imagination. Yet for now, this is more than enough. I have given so much of my time with these child-like dreams of mine... but these are just dreams and dreaming is free for everybody.

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