Sunday, October 19, 2008

To Lie or Not To Lie

That is not anymore the question.

Face it. Everyone wants truth on their side yet few stay on the side of truth. I certainly wouldn’t babble about honesty and dignity. I am not your mother so I am not supposed to preach and tell you what’s right or wrong, but I realized one thing, and that is it is almost impossible to live in a truthful world, or if you see a little possibility that this can happen, it will be a whole bunch of laughter for everyone.

This is where I got the idea. What if I’ll be enlightened by the God of truth that I’ll be inventing a device that will be connected to everyone’s skulls? Each time a person lies, that device shall explode and the person’s brain will be nothing but little pieces of chunk of corned beef. So, no one will be lying at all and if you are imagining a very peaceful world, I am imagining an entirely crazy one.

Just imagine that you are sitting on a couch and watching the television. You turn your eyes on the commercial and see a very beautiful model of soap and says, “Hey, I am not using this product but then, they paid me a high price to endorse this and make you believe that it’s this soap that gave me this porcelain-like skin. Come to think of this, how could that happen? I’ve been pretty even before this product is released. Go ahead and purchase this product and maybe I should try this, too.” After that, the cute little boy who drinks milk will enter the scene and say, “They said that this milk helps children grow and healthy. It may be true but candies taste a lot better than this glass of milk. Admit it; we are just fooling ourselves in saying that this tastes delicious. It’s true. It almost tastes food. It’s like a cold glass of water with a damp tissue in it. My! Please don’t try it.” After switching the channel and looking at the news, you’ll see the president, delivering her State of the Nation Address. She’s like, “Please clap, congressmen, just like how we practiced weeks ago. Okay. Going back, I want to tell you, people, that our country is nothing but an island with no hope of improving. It is better for you if you will be migrating to other countries because I, your president, have no intention at all of giving you the best. I just want the best for myself and for my family. Last year, there were one million jobs created and we released a budget of 20 million. I want you to know that 10 million went to those mentioned jobs. 2 million went for my shopping. Another 2 million was spent for my son’s party, 1 million for the renovation of my house and the rest stays safely in good hands, which are mine.” and so the congressmen will laugh and clap. You will also call your boyfriend and then ask where he is and then he’ll answer truthfully and with no hesitations, “Baby, I am in my other girl friend’s house. I love her more but, I cannot leave you all alone because I need you and I need your money more. Baby, what I want to do is to make the both of you my girlfriends and I promise to love you every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.”

Oh, what a crazy world! Truth is important but I guess, too much of it will make you insane simply because we’re not used to it. We’ve been living in a fraudulent world forever and we’ve been especially trained to catch and identify lies from truth. I guess, we’ve been defining a normal world into something which lies and that’s normal or if not normal, at least, that’s something expected.

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