Thursday, October 30, 2008

When It Rains

It’s raining again. And whenever it rains (which is quite seldom in a tropical country like the Philippines), I always remember the times when it did rain, too and I was maybe with somebody, talking with somebody, got really pissed off, got really depressed, got really happy and all those extreme emotions. I am planning that “When It Rains” shall be a regular post (maybe as regular as once a week) that will narrate some of those memorable moments of my life (in my own perception) that happened while it was raining. (And may I have the guidance and blessing of the One above so that I may always have the will to do so.)

I remember one silly moment-slash-moments of mine. (Get ready.) I was high school back then (and I am sorry for not having any post about high school life when all the while, that was worth blogging.) and was (as usual) trying to be busy with academics, extra-curricular activities and social life. I engaged in doing our school paper (which I am very proud of) and leading the students to the mission and vision of our school (what I mean is the Student Council Organization which I am equally porud of). So I was the chief editor of our school paper and was voted as the president of the Student Council (applause). Back then, I really tried my best to prove that I can be the leading leader of both the affiliations. It was a magnificent feeling that students and teachers see you as someone responsible (though I really wasn’t) and they give you the reverence you deserve.

Students (especially those who are younger than me), call me Ms. President and though it wasn’t my name, it made me feel respected like it just happened with a snap that yesterday, they are fooling around about my height and calling me “midget” (which by the way, I am 5”3 in height and in our school, there are numerous students smaller than me) then today, they are calling me “Ms. President” and they (sometimes) render me a salute. It was really nice that is why I never wanted it to end. Apart from being Ms. President, I was also called The Boss because (apparently) I was the one who assigns the writers their respective topics to write about and I (at some incredible point) control and organize the group whenever there is a meeting, a contest or an event to cover and write about. I also do the preaching whenever they don’t meet their deadlines and as much as being Ms. President, I love (really) being The Boss because I developed extreme camaraderie with my fellow staffers like they know that they have their deadlines to me and I have my deadline to our school paper adviser and our school paper adviser have her deadline to the principal. That sort of things. It’s just actually about doing your task on time so that no one gets angry. (Mind you, I occasionally transform into a monster whenever my writers don’t do what I instructed them to do.)

(So at this point, maybe you are wondering where the hell the rain is.)

It just so happened that the moment I was inaugurated as the president, it was raining. The moment the students voted for their leader, it rained. The moment that the staffers of the school paper were introduced to everyone, it rained, too. And I was just wondering if maybe that was something like the heaven is crying and is unhappy. Or it was some sort of bad premonitions. But I beg to disagree because for the long run that I handled those positions, (Yes, I admit, that at some critical points, I thought about quitting the positions.) I heard commendations which made me more enthusiastic about the responsibilities and made me crave for more tasks. The feeling was incomparable like it was really nice to make other people happy especially those who trusted me right from the very start.


moonchild said...

Wasn't there a saying that rain is some sort of a blessing? :p

Your high school history is commendable. Juggling the student council and the school paper was indeed an amazing feat. And lemme guess, you're an honor student, too? :D

I was also in the paper back in high school, but I didn't get in the student council. They got me to run twice, not president though, just an officer. But I was never popular in school. I seemed to have made a notorious reputation as "that silent, weird bookworm". They knew me from the paper (I was Managing Editor :D), but I think that intimidated them all the more, so they didn't vote me. My high school was weird. They liked beautiful, sociable people. :D

Rhaingel said...

Well, in my first post of When It Rains, it's true that it is some sort of blessing. Let me see after few more posts. :D

Fortunately, I also managed to be an honor student and those achivements maybe, made me who I am now.

Oh. The paper-experience was really memorable. I bet you also enjoyed it. Having that responsibility and that passion at the same time is incomparable. When I was in my lower years, i was also the silent weird bookworm. I applied for the school paper but I really did not expected to win in the election. The experience was just too good for me.

Thanks for dropping by my page again. It's nice having you here. :)

c0lleen said...

When it rains? that's my favorite paramore song. haha wala lang!:) salamat nga pala sa pagdaan sa aking blogdrive. :)) balik ka ah:))

Rhaingel said...

You're welcome. Thanks for dropping by, too. It's very much appreciated. :)

Naku. I am not that fond of Paramore eh. :D