Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Back to School

A day and a half from now, I’ll say that second semester is officially open. I’ll be back to my dormitory-slash-boarding house and university life. I am excited. Very. Maybe because I am looking forward to meeting new classmates and professors. Maybe because I am looking forward MORE to meeting those friends I made last semester.

There are so many uncertainties, like what if my friends and I have a really different kind of schedule that their vacant time is not vacant for me. It actually makes me worry at some point, but I guess a little speck of improbability makes it all work and thrilling that the tomorrow won’t be the same as yesterday but will leave me with very happy memories, too. After the semester is formally opened, I’ll be going back to my study table and munch on chips and cookies while highlighting important sentences in my mountain-like readings. I might not be able to write often though I want to. Don’t get me wrong. I know that if I really am determined to do something, then I should make ways to be able to do it but then again, I have to do my obligations as a student first before doing and accomplishing other things like a blog posts everyday. (Sorry but I am actually aiming for better grades this sem.) So more or less, I’ll be blogging every Friday nights, Saturdays, Sundays and Monday mornings. My planner-slash-organizer will return back to the scene, lying comfortably above (two or more) Philosophy books. Post-it notes will be my room’s wallpaper and will remind me to accomplish things as soon as possible and not to wait for the day before the deadline.

I am very excited. Maybe because I’ll be waking up early in the morning and feel the morning’s frostiness, causing me to prepare a warm cup of milk. And while I am gobbling the breakfast I prepared for myself, I still dream of what shall happen later in the afternoon, like I’ll be experiencing afternoon-bad weathers-according-to-them (AKA afternoon drizzles) and that will make me blog about more experiences with the rain, like I’ll be doing lunch with my friends and share with them the secrets that I kept in, like I’ll be unwinding with them by talking and sharing life’s experiences, ending up laughing about those silly things. I can’t wait to experience again that same fatigue that caused me to lie down on my bed as soon as I arrive from school and never wake up for that day. I am also stimulated by thinking that while I am far away from home, my sister and mother will always text and call to check if I am okay and there’s no problem going on. I appreciate those little efforts so much and because of those sweet caring calls and messages, I am always excited for Friday because I feel like a little home sick whenever I am far away from those people who know me so well. It’s like a part of me belongs to our home.

I am ready. I think so. I hope so.

The truth is, I am trying to be prepared for my next Mathematics subject. I am also determined to not just pass it but pass it with something that shall make me proud. You know, something that can encourage me to love the subject, wake up each day and be excited to solve and be contented about my course. Contented and not frustrated. The greater truth is that I hate my new schedule. It’s a spot of uncertainty that gives me dozens of what-if’s already though I haven’t started my second semester yet. But I guess, I am living life and will be making ways. It’s not that long before summer actually sinks in. I just wish that the people I missed during the semestral break won’t be the same people that I will miss while I am with them. It’s one of life’s treacheries again that you tend to miss the old same days you had with someone while you are with them at the present.


The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

I'm so impressed with your writing! Your writing voice is powerful.

Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting! It's always nice to know you are heard!

The book "Night's in Rodanthe" is SO much better than the movie. I hope you enjoy!

Rhaingel said...

Wow. Thank you. Readers like you encourages me to write more and eventually improve. Thank you so much.

I really cannot put into words my gratefulness. Thanks for dropping by and for all of the compliments. You really are appreciated here.

I think, I'll be enjoying it. Have a nice day. Take care. :)

ami said...

when was the last time i gave off an aura of optimism? :) i don't think i need to tell you to enjoy college.

thanks for dropping by my blog. how'd you come across it?

Rhaingel said...

So now, I am so much enjoying it. I mean, the time I posted Back to School is the same time that I was really down. So I brought the feeling tomy post. But now, I am so okay. :)

I happened to drop by your blog because of Tia's. Thanks for dropping by mine, too. :D