Friday, November 07, 2008

It's a Dream. No, It's For Real

‘twas so incredible… the first day of classes. It’s good to know that dream-like what-if’s can magically turn into something truthful and real. Perhaps, fate is making payments for all those missed opportunities she allowed me to have and fortunately, she rewarded me with some sort of memory that I’ll withhold for a lifetime.

I wasn’t actually expecting this day to be extremely special. I mean, I know that I am going to see him but then again, there are these tiny spots of dissimilarity in our class schedules (so more or less, he’ll be going home at eleven before noon and I am going home at five thirty in the afternoon). It’s a large gap, I acknowledge, a large fissure that (at some point) hinders us from our usual afternoon talks which serve as a lovable kind of bonding. I’ll miss it (I mean, being with him), because after a semester full of bonding and laughter, I learned to always be with him. You know, just be there wherever he will be, just try to make him laugh whenever he refuses to smile, just be willing to listen in all he has to say, just be the first person to remind him that he is a very special being and just let him know that someone truly cares about him (and that someone will absolutely be me).

Now that the second semester has started, I thought that I’ll hate Wednesdays and Fridays because I am staying in the university for long hours without him. I went to school for the first day (and yes, our first day of classes actually started today. Friday. I know it’s weird) and was ready to that likelihood that I might actually get bored or sad. But I did not. He asked me if he can wait until my dismissal and without even thinking, I smiled then nodded. It’s like asking me if I want to be happy and the question is answerable with a yes only. I instantly got excited for the day as the same way I got worried that he may perhaps get really bored and just regret that he ever waited. After all, waiting for eight hours is a torture and all I really want is to make him happy and entertained. The very moment that I realized that I wasn’t dreaming at all and everything was real, I welcomed the busy day with love in my heart as I concluded, “Expect the unexpected.”

I attended my classes while I am busy thinking of what he is doing. I know that he is just outside the room, in one corner, maybe reading a book, waiting for me to finish, never disturbing my studies and wishing nothing but the best for me. I realized how sweet he really is (Yes, I know, I’ve proven it many times but then again, everything he does makes me more admire his pleasing personality. Oh dear, I just can’t help it) and though it really tempts me to step out of the room, ignore all of what my professors are preaching (I mean, talking) and say “Hey, I am now here. Now what are your two other wishes my angel?”, I just kept myself missing him because while he is waiting for me, I am also waiting for myself to finish and it’s really sweet to think that we are doing all the wait and sacrifices for that very special moment that we’ll finally be enjoying each other’s company.

Today is the best Friday I’ve experienced for seventeen years. I can really say TGIF now and really thank God for all the moments He allowed me to experience today. I became more enthusiastic, like I’ll always be excited everyday and not anymore dislike my Wednesdays and Fridays. See the beauty of life? Sometimes, when you least expects it, it offers you a whole bunch of things to marvel and smile upon. Tomorrow’s interesting. I know that I might also get sad but then I am sure that there is at least one person whose presence will instantly make me smile and that would be no one else but him (Yes my one and only angel, never hesitate, never think twice. It’s you.)

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