Friday, November 07, 2008

Life's Pleasure

November 8, 2008
1:55 PM

I’ve felt that I have been so cruel to my diary, like I always write about my day starting with “I hate this day!” even though it isn’t that bad and frustrating. I don’t know why I always see the negative points in things and occurrences. Maybe because I am pessimist and it’s congenital that I want to be either proven right or pleasurably surprised. Not until yesterday that everything was just fine. I mean, I found a definition of the word “perfect” and until today, I’ve been shouting aloud, “I love this day as much as I love yesterday and I know that I’ll be loving tomorrow, too!” I can’t get over the fact that I lived for seventeen years only to find out that real happiness has never been this great.

Yesterday was Friday and Fridays had been my constant refuge ever since I laid my foot on college life. It’s a sort of reminder for me that after a week-long stress and pressure, I’ll be going home with nothing to think about and nothing to do (Bearing with the lazy me is so much appreciated in this page). It’s a pause that makes me going again and renews all of my wasted energy. Yesterday was different. Maybe because I went home at around six in the evening (last semester, I go home at four in the afternoon) that traffic is already starting to invade roads. I was stressed out at school and if yesterday was ordinary, I must be really pissed out but I wasn’t. Road lights seemed to remind me about the Christmas season because they looked as if they were blinking Christmas lights, encircled around a healthy tree. It’s nice to look at them despite the traffic jam and somehow, I find myself very entertained. After all, I already reached the point of no turning back. I mean, I have no choice but to wait there with the frosting breath of the car’s air conditioner and just reminisce the perfectly lined happenings that made my day extremely memorable. I found myself smiling and was very excited to get home, tell my diary all that she needs to know and dream about what happened and what will be happening.

Usual travels from Quezon City to Malolos, Bulacan takes about an hour of my time but last night, the traffic delayed my travel, making it prolonged to two hours. The rain started to fall (Oh no, this is supposed to be entitled When It Rains) and one by one, I saw the raindrops on the car’s mirror. It made me colder, making me icy on my seat and I thought that the coldness I felt can be turned into warmth if only he is there to hug me tight. I thought about a missed opportunity but nevertheless, I never did regret. Maybe it wasn’t the perfect timing because we hang in a public place where many people usually hang in, too but it’s quite cute and funny that even though there are other people walking all around us, I was very focus at him, like he is the only person who I am seeing, like he is the only person whom I am very glad to stare at. Waiting in the car for two hours with nothing to do and moving inch by inch to our destination allowed me to entertain myself with thoughts of him. After all, thinking about him is a lot better than complaining about the traffic though whenever I do, I just miss him more. I just found myself loving that day and in scripting all of those wonderful moments he had given me in my heart. Now I know why they say that the best things in life are free.



b luis grey said...

Thanks for stopping by. Come by again soon.

Brent said...

hey, thanks for reading. i actually posted a new one tonight. i liked what you said about the street lights and the "frosting breath of the air conditioner". I understand what you mean by it all too. good stuff.

-take care

Rhaingel said...

b luis grey: No problem. You're welcome. Come by again soon, too. You're very welcome here. :)

brent: Thanks for appreciating what I wrote. It's always nice to know that you're being read. Thank you so much. I'll be reading your new post tonight. Take care, too. :)

Anabelle said...

thanks for commenting my site! Its always nice to have a reader..... because.. well, I think I only have 2... well maybe 3 now hahaha

and yes, we are a very happy fam. :) and you're right, the best things in life are free.

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

The best things in life ARE free! You are so right!

And so lyrical....I'm so happy you are feeling happy!

It's contagious!

Rhaingel said...

anabelle: Really. I love the feeling that people actually read what you are writing and so I want to spread that to others and make them feel inspired to write something new. No, problem. You're welcome and thanks for dropping by, too. :)

the me/the wife/the mom: It's been quite a while when I last wrote something while I'm in my full bliss. It's nice to write about those delightful moments. Thanks for dropping by again. Readers like you are one source of happiness. Thanks again. :)