Saturday, November 08, 2008

My FIRST Christmas Wish List

I know. It’s still a month and seventeen days to go but I am feeling Christmas atmosphere by now. We haven’t planted our Christmas tree on the corner of our house, haven’t sang any Christmas carol, haven’t prepare our special meals for the midnight just before December 25 paves it way and haven’t gone to the mall to complete our own gift lists but still I want to make early reservations for Mr. Santa Claus. (Hello Mr. SC! I know you’re watching over me. So here is my initial wish list. Initial because you know me, I always make additions.) Don’t worry, I’ll still be hanging my little red sock by the window and pretend that I am fast asleep.
  • World peace. Seriously. I’m not kidding. It’s just that hope springs eternal in my veins that I still see a peaceful world. I mean, our hi-technology mother Earth minus the guns and bombs, murders, global warming, flash floods, toxic chemicals, warlords, dictators and injustice. I’m still seeing it, come on, and I acknowledge the fact that maybe it’s just me (and no one else) who still sees the dot-like possibility. Maybe it’s what we call as “imagination” or maybe it’s “hallucination” but whatever you wish to call it, I am seriously wishing and praying for it. Really.
  • Hugs. Honestly (and maybe secretly, too), everyone wants one. You know, that sweet something that can tear all your fears away and erase all of your doubts. It’s, in point of fact, amazing because a single hug can uplift your spirits during your most depress moments. It’s something which shouts that there are people who are always there to support and always be right there by your side. It’s somewhat encouraging that whenever you see yourself really low, a cuddle replaces thousands of words encouragements. So this Christmas season, I want to receive a hug or two from the most special people of my life. Name it, friends, families and others who are so well-loved by me. It’s one of those things which are under the category: the best things in life which are free.
  • A Portable PlayStation. (So reality sinks in now). I know that this is just an extreme want and not a need at all. I know, too, that I can always live my life without this but I am thinking that after all those perseverance and sacrifices I did (exaggeration sinks in, too), I deserve something that can amuse me whenever I feel like I am so distressed for a hobby (or if not a hobby, something that can stop me from thinking negatively whenever I am beginning to be bored) and that something will be a PSP (and I hope Santa is listening. Hey, come to think of it, I’ve been really nice and good. Wink.)
  • Books. I don’t care what kind of books. Maybe fiction or horror or non-fiction or melodrama or something that will make me laugh my heart out. Right now, I am so much addicted to those quotable quotes found between the lines of books. You know, some lines that will make me inspired and give me something to brood over and live by. Because of those quotable quotes, I made certain philosophies and life and I do believe that the more I read more, the more I make a figure of myself.

So here it is Mr. C. I am now thanking you in advance. I know that I was not that really good for you to give me all of my wishes. I know that some of these are almost impossible to have but I can’t stop wishing. These are simple reflections of what my mind and heart tells me and believe me, this is just the initial wish list (Stay tuned for the next wish lists). Please, Santa Claus, please.


The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

As soon as I read your post...I called SC to confirm that he got your message! He said he's got YOU working on world peace as we speak...and that the other three items are on their way.

How cool is Santa!?!?!

Loved the post!

Rhaingel said...

OMG. World peace. Me? I can't do anything about it (though I really want this) but to write. and WOW! the other three items are on their way? Please tell SC to make it faster. I am very excited. haha.

Thanks for dropping by again. :)