Sunday, November 30, 2008

My November 2008

I must say that November was the highlight of my year so far. I am maintaining this diary and I read everything a while ago. It was this month which contains my happiest and saddest moment (but as for the saddest, it’s almost unnoticeable because I spent so many days just savoring every wonderful minute of it). It was this month that those happy moments were written and will be reminisced from time to time.

Talking about my blog, November was my heyday. Blogspot says that I started out on this site last March 2008 but I do believe that my official beginning was October. I remembered signing up last March but I posted my graduation speech and never cared about the rest. I stepped into college and a subject requires us to make a blog spot where we are to post short stories and other brain-farts. Nevertheless, I was able to post six senseless things in thirty-one days. It was September when I first received my comment. It was actually from someone I know who happened to hop by my blog. It felt great. From being totally non-existent on blogland, somebody saw me and it made me pursue writing, if not in my chosen career, at least through this blog. Last October, I made a big deal out of my birthday, making me post more than how I did for the past few months. It was random. Sometimes I write about my dreams, my heartbreaks, being girl, boredom (which dominated my October), what-if’s, and then I got nothing to write so I made a list of my favorite songs, then about my hair, university and dormitory life (which at that point, I am insanely and madly missing), Math (and the frustrations I have with it) and lastly, the first When It Rains post. I realized that being so random, at some point, is good, because I just write what I need to say and never care about a particular theme. No pressure, just draining my brain away. It was also October when I had followers (God bless them) and people who comment on my posts, making me aware that I am being read and pushing me to write better each time.

Here comes November. I heard about NaBloPoMo, and it made me quite sorry for myself that I cannot join here. I want to be part of it but then, I decided to make my own NaBloPoMo. I decided to change some rules and prove something to myself and that is I can make thirty posts in thirty days. So I started posting. The other posts are concerned about fears because that is what November is famous for. Then I let out a bit of information about myself, that there was this man whom I dedicated some of my posts because of the heartbreak he’d given me years ago. Because of that feeling, I was able to write several posts. I wrote about school, which dominated my November. It was this time that I went back to school after my semestral break. I blogged about my classmates, friends, professors, subjects and my inspiration. I blogged about what happened during schooldays and the happiness which is equipped with it. I blogged about other people, like my grandmother and his mother. Comments continued to pour in, making me more determined than I was. I wasn’t giving up to the challenge until such time that I felt all the pressure coming from my subjects in school, responsibilities as a friend to my friends, the computer breaking-down and the duty I’d given myself for this blog. After making twenty-one posts, I became contented and wasn’t looking forward to making thirty posts. It was enough, during that time. I thought that if I have something to say then I will go writing it but if I have none, then I won't be forcing myself to do one. I realized that I beat myself last October and I made a dramatic change in the rate of my posting, like if you will make a line graph, you will see a line approaching the gates of heaven.

‘twas November. The month that made me write even more, the month that I had the things and feelings worth writing about.

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