Sunday, November 09, 2008

On NaBloPoMo

So here is the thing, I cannot join NaBloPoMo 2008 though I really want to. Believe me; I really want to put in thirty posts in thirty days but the problem is that whenever I am in my dormitory, I don’t have an active internet connection so I resort into typing my post-to-be in a Microsoft Word document and posting it on weekends (so don’t be surprised if you happen to see three post in a single day while I was silent all the while. I am just making up to those school days that I (sort of) abandoned my blog). Please, don’t get me wide of the mark, I know that if I am determined to do something, I should be making ways but then again, I am finding it quite hassle to drop by the internet café and start typing in my blog space everyday especially when hell week strikes in. There are also times when I ran out of things to narrate. You know, just brain washed, just there with nothing to say, just not on the mood to write and type and whenever that point comes, I spend long hours in front of the computer until the idea snaps out. I frankly cannot do it during busy school days. I never wanted to flunk. It scares me. Really.

After I read about the NaBloPoMo (in Tia’s wonderful blog), I instantly became very excited because it feels like I found a push for me to write everyday because if I’m part of it, it means I NEED to write everyday. Period and no excuses allowed. I read the guidelines and it says that we really have to post everyday and to make extra posts for those missed days is not allowed. Seriously, I cannot explain to NaBloPoMo but oh, never mind because I am trying my best to make thirty posts in thirty days. This is out of the rule and I’m not anymore part of it. I just need to do this to prove something, not to them but to myself. I just need to know my limitations, whether I can manage to not be lazy for another post or I am going to be. I do believe that when I make it a habit to at least write on a daily basis, I’ll get better everyday, too (at some point) and this is a very helpful way for me to pursue my long lost writing career. At least, somehow, I get the satisfaction that I do not obtain when I solve for Mathematical equations. I also want to compare my first post to the last one (or the latest one) and see if ever I am that same young lady with that same opinions and principles in life. I want to check if ever I became more matured in my writing or I still have that high school campus girl in my personality. You know, just fond of things that surrounds her and never curious of what’s beyond. I want to make several posts of what happened to my life and laugh at it years from now. If you’ll go asking me on how long will I be maintaining this blog, I am not certain. Maybe until such time that I have the will to write and I’m wishing that it will be forever or if not forever, until such time that I still remember clearly what happened to my life and what’s my name.

Right now, though I was not able to join NaBloPoMo, I still consider the fact that there are still unlimited next times and having regular readers and followers and not to mention those very encouraging people who keeps on commenting to my posts and letting me know that I am being read or heard, gives me myriad of reasons to write still and pay attention to my blog. It’s an inspiration and an encouragement at the same time that tells me to make another post simply because there are those people who are waiting for it. They’re very important, because before, (as you can probably notice) I have fewer posts than October, which is actually the month that I started having followers and comment-ers. Their presence is what obliged me to write and write and write and eventually improve. It’s good to realize that before, no one actually believes that this blog exists and now, it’s beginning to be noticed. I just love it.

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