Sunday, November 16, 2008

One Morning, The Bubble Burst

…and I am not certain on what morning that may be. There’s no particular date and no particular time, it’s just that it burst and I got that time to realize just now. Maybe it grew little by little that’s why I did not have the time to notice.

This is post is actually dedicated to someone whom I owe most of my happiness and since his birthday is pretty much coming, I want him to contain an account in my blog spot because after all the goodness he’d done in my life, he has become a very special part of me and he is more than deserving for this petty post.

To be perfectly honest, I am still on my highest spirits at this instant and I’ll be lying if I’ll say that this isn’t because of him and he has nothing to do with this. I feel like I am on my peak of celebrating life’s delight because of the numerous blessings he allowed me to see and feel. I know that there are still some wrong turns or unexpected reasons to be dispirited but I care not. As for me, having him by my side means that I have all the reasons to be happy. Life’s journey is not that easy, I know. Family problems, friendship dilemmas and certain difficulties in my studies are what stress me the most and yet all those can simply be washed out with a single glimpse and smile from him. I just know that everything will be alright. Whenever he dreams, wonders and reminisces, I just stop to appreciate life and hear all the wonderful melodies I dedicate to him. I cherish the fact that he understands me so well and that I know him just about as well as I could know anyone. I am so much blessed by the thousands of smiles we have shared, by the very contagious laughter that lingers in my heart, and by our sweet concerns that have found a place of comfort in the sanctuary of our caring. I truly don’t know what I’d do… without the goodness he gives my life. He is my definition of a special person. To me, he is someone very necessary to my well-being. In so many ways, he fills my life with happiness and the sweet feelings of being so grateful and appreciative that he is here and he came. I can never inscribe this magical feeling. It’s just that no words can ever tell my exact feelings for him but then again, I am writing this for the world to see and know that I am the luckiest person on Earth because of his loving presence. He matters to me more than you can ever imagine and much more than I will ever be able to explain. I am often lost with words when I search those exact statements which perfectly describe my feeling and I was just wondering, who told him that my world needed someone exactly like him? I don’t know how that turns out but I am always surprise whenever he says the words I want to hear and he does the things that can surely make my heart melt. Within the words of this post, I want to say that he is incredibly special to me. He let me believed in myself and in all that I was made to be, especially when no one else does. He’d given me wings and with it, I feel that I can just do anything. I feel like he is always there to help me especially when everyone else fails and he is a willing traveling companion, ready to join me in all my journeys, too.

It’s not everyday that I wake up with love in my heart and appreciate everything- from those very simple ones up to those which are more complicated. I just thought that after writing so much about how my day was and praising that ‘twas wonderful and I enjoyed it very well, I am bound to write about the person who made my day interesting and that will be absolutely no one but him.


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Hey! You know I love your I'm passing along a Blog Award that I received! Come by the Goo Goo Ga Ga and pick it up at any time!


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The Me/The Wife/The Mom: Thank you so much again for the compliments. I am always lifted by those. Sure. I'll come by some time.. and by the way, thanks for it in advance. :)

saveyoursoul: sure. :)