Sunday, November 30, 2008

So Sick

(I think I can do it. I mean the thirty posts in thirty days. I think I am fulfilling my own NaBloPoMo for myself, with my own set of rules and it’s great and fulfilling but quite a challenge because I told myself to make more posts every month and oh, I must be doing thirty-one next month. In some way, that’s pressure. May I have the sufficient topics interesting enough to write about and may I have the will to sit in front of my computer, telling the world quirk facts about myself, never getting tired.)

I’ll be writing about today and about this moment. I am sick. No. Not with frustrations and longing for someone. Not with Math and academics but really, I have flu and it makes me really irritated. I don’t know the reason why I am having this but my mom told me that after sleeping late and eating unright and not on time, my immune system signals me to slow down because I am just a human with petty limitations. This flu is somehow a reaction of what my body is undergoing and at this point in time, this flu is what hinders me from talking loudly and with no hesitations. I cannot talk endlessly. Seriously. That’s something for me. I feel like my mouth is being zippered and it makes me even hotter inside. I feel like I am going to have a fever sometime later, hours from now and it’s not good especially at this very moment when I still have to analyze completely the discontinuity of functions. I have to pass the exam and having this sort of sickness somehow stops me. My body actually grumbles now, like I should get some sleep because tomorrow until Saturday will all be exhausting (and not to mention, frustrating). I have to eat right and on time but I cannot. I mean, I am losing my beloved appetite that I want to vomit each time I am thinking about food, especially soups. I don’t know what’s wrong but whatever it is, I want it to happen during vacation. I never wanted to be sick and absent myself to school. One day of absenting myself from my classes is a lot. I’ll be missing so much and so if ever I am still feeling like this until tomorrow morning, I won’t be minding this at all. I’ll still be going to school and make my head ache with numbers and Physics concept. I will still listen to my Communication 3 professor who will tell me that I got bad pronunciation. Besides, for this semester, I think, I felt this way for five times but each time, I still get well. There’s nothing new and be scared about. I think this is something ordinary. I think this is something that will just last for hours. A scare. A threat. A reminder… but never a reason to stop my usual activities. Never. There is no such thing as that.

I am looking forward to a peaceful vacation, something away from school and away from home. You know, something with a full massage and a good night sleep with scented candles all around. Something with citrus fruits and healthy juices, pies and pastries and the sun just hot enough to make my body respond. I am looking forward to breathing fresh air and seeing breath-taking sights. I am looking forward to doing everything I want to do without deadlines and pressures. I want to feel ultimate relaxation, something that will bring back all my lost enthusiasm and energy.

So, who will give me one? (wink)


To contact me and give me one, just comment below and I am sure to answer you. SURE TO ANSWER YOU.


Polly said...

oh, get well soon :)
and get rid of the flu.
x x

Miss. said...

ahah, a massage sounds nice! Nice blog you have here

The Rich Ant said...

Awww I hope you feel better soon. Also nice blog and thank you for posting on my blog. Email me for your free painting. I'm also adding you to my list. Again take care of yourself and feel better.

Rhaingel said...

POLLY: Thanks for the concern. Welcome to this blog of mine! I am feeling fine now. Very much okay. Thanks again and come back soon. :D

MISS: Thanks for the compliments. It's uplifting. Really. :)

The Rich Ant: I am a lot better now. Really. I am energized again. Thanks for adding me to your list. It's always nice to know that you are heard. Take care too and thanks for dropping by. :D