Monday, November 03, 2008

When It Rains

(So this is the second in the When It Rains series and thank God that I still have that will to reminisce those rainfall moments.)

It’s raining again. And whenever it rains (which is quite seldom in a tropical country like the Philippines), I always remember the times when it did rain too and I was maybe with somebody, talking with somebody, got really pissed off, got really depressed, got really happy and all those extreme emotions. I am planning that “When It Rains” shall be a regular post (maybe as regular as once a week) that will narrate some of those memorable moments of my life (in my own perception) that happened while it was raining. (And may I have the guidance and blessing of the One above so that I may always have the will to do so.)

Best thing about today is that it rained a while ago. I was in my (beloved) university and it was our (hassle) enrollment day. I prepared. I was excited. I got happy. It rained.

It wasn’t very usual to rain in Quezon City. I know that last semester, I was expecting bad weathers every afternoon, just after I had lunch and is about to go home but then today was different. Very. It rained early in the morning when it’s still the sun’s moment to shine. She was out of the scene (poor sun!).

Enrollment in UP is such a challenge. You know, exhaustion plus really long lines equates to a challenge which requires really long patience (Oh dear, I promised to not deal with so much Math-related things again). I don’t have that kind of temper neither do I have that kind of persistence to line up on queue of people. I am easily irritated. And it was very much an accomplishment for me that all those hours (imagine: it was almost eight hours of filling-up sheets of papers, waiting for your gracious turn and piling up and being the last person on the line) that I have waited, I did not notice and I did not show off my real snob side of me. It wasn’t very easy as because (I have said a million times before. Okay exaggeration sinks in) my university is big that you need a jeepney to transfer from one building to another (imagine again: rainfall plus a very long road to walk equals a totally pissed of monster). If today was just an ordinary day, maybe I’ll be really, really irritated, like Wednesdays and Fridays last semester that I was all alone, setting my foot inch by inch under the canopy of those aged Acacia trees (so my next post will most probably be entitled WF, meaning Wednesdays, Fridays) but then again, it’s not ordinary. Today is very special, in fact. It was perfect (smile and wink) that finally, I felt that sem break was at last over and I will no longer be experiencing that same nasty boredom and thinking of dream-like what-if’s. After a lengthy wait that seems like forever, here comes the second semester, waving and grinning at me which appears as something which has a whole bunch of great experiences to offer me. I was really happy and ‘twas so nice to have my smile back. ‘twas very nice (and sorry. I really cannot put into words how happy and grateful I am at the moment). I am really so excited and looking forward to the next seventy-two hours of my life.

Comics-reading, music-triipin’, gaming, laughing and staring and just being with each other are the sweet little things I did today (okay, with someone else). I guess, in our lives, there are just distinct people whose presence is what actually makes us happy and contented and right now, I am just so glad that the rain marked another remarkable moment of my life, something really worth remembering (and maybe I’ll blog about that years from now so you better watch out, you better not cry).


moonchild said...

I miss sem breaks. You will, too, once you plunge head on to the real world.

It's the biggest irony in life. When you're in school, you can't wait to get out. But when you're out and already in the real world, you miss being a student (Note: I didn't say you will miss 'school'. You'll just miss the privileges or freedom or whatchamacallit. Hehehe).

But that's just me. And my hopeless brand of cynicism.

Or maybe I just want that period of rest that sem breaks used to grant me. Just two weeks of lazing around with a book or two (or three or more, in my case).

Hehehe. There are only very few people like us who love rain. I think we're weirdos of some sort. :D

moonchild said...

Sis, me haz linked joo up in me blog, by ze way. ^_^

Rhaingel said...

Oh. Maybe, I am not actually missing sembreaks. Maybe I am missing my college friends but my long wait is over.

haha. I am very much excited to experience that irony because right now, I am wishing that sem break is over and when I am in school, I am wishing that school days and hell weeks are all gone. It's weird but real.

so we're kindda weirdos. maybe. but i take it positively. :D
This is just the second of When It Rains and at the moment, I am thinking of those melancholic moments when it did rain, too. you know, i was frustrated and then here comes the rain. I became MORE frustrated. but I haven't write it yet. :D

The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

Honesty and great writing! A charming combination!

I really like your blog!

Rhaingel said...

Thank you so much. I become more enthusiastic in writing when I hear comments from readers. Thank you and thank you and thank you.

Thanks for following, too. :)