Sunday, November 09, 2008

When It Rains

It’s raining again. And whenever it rains (which is quite seldom in a tropical country like the Philippines), I always remember the times when it did rain too and I was maybe with somebody, talking with somebody, got really pissed off, got really depressed, got really happy and all those extreme emotions. I am planning that “When It Rains” shall be a regular post (maybe as regular as once a week) that will narrate some of those memorable moments of my life (in my own perception) that happened while it was raining. (And may I have the guidance and blessing of the One above so that I may always have the will to do so.)

It’s good to know that I am still inspired to do my fourth When It Rains post. A while ago, I am beginning to think of those times and fortunately, I thought about few moments (and when I say few, what I really mean is more than one). I am trying to be faultless in choosing among those moments because I realized that most of the times, my precise emotions during those experiences are carried by my post and is carried again to those who are reading my blog (may the Good Lord bless them). As much as possible (whether you would like to believe me or not), I am doing my BEST to cheer my readers up.

I remembered September 23, 3008, a Tuesday. Tuesdays and Thursdays are real blessings to me last semester (and I do believe that it’ll be the same for this semester) and here is one of those blessings. It was one of those days that I expected to be just normal. Again, I expected to see him. I did, but the problem is that it was raining and we usually hang out in an open-air park-like soccer sinking field. The bad weather is a valid reason to put off our usual talk to Thursday, maybe. I was preparing myself to go home and understand that we cannot talk because it was raining. Of course, we shouldn’t be reminded that extremely cold weathers are effective causes of flu and fever. It was a Tuesday and we still have three more school days to attend and not absent ourselves from those.

So our last class finished (it was actually a Table Tennis class) and umbrellas opened. It was not just raining; actually, it seems like a typhoon. We walked and as far as I know, we are walking to the direction of the terminal where we are parting our ways and saying “See you tomorrow”. I saw that the benches where we usually sit are wet and there’s nothing I can do to dry it. I was surprised when we stopped in a waiting shed, stood there and began to share happy stories with each other. The breeze disturbing the dulcet surrounding gave me goose bumps. He was guiding my way, making me stay on the side where the rain doesn’t seem to hit. “A very gentleman of him,” I thought but it did not come out of my mouth. Maybe because I was shy and hesitant to show a bit of admiration or maybe because there is a lot better term for him than a ‘gentleman’. We saw several people playing under the rain. They were very happy but I guess, on that moment, I was the happiest of all. I never felt that it was actually raining cats and dogs because of the warmth of his company. You know, there was never coldness between us. His simple stares are like an affectionate blanket that seems to melt the chilliness in me. Yes, I felt the coldness outside but not from within and it’s definitely different. That moment, too, I was in awe upon thinking that I haven’t done anything that good so that God will send me an angel who used to touch his face and give glory to His name. I felt that somehow, it was an irony, too, because it was my first time to feel the warmth of somebody’s laughter while I am seeing the slant heavy raindrops from dark clouds. Bad weathers had never been that good.

While I was on my way home, I was slapping my face. I just thought that it was too good to be true and after I hurt myself and realized that really, what happened was true, I felt that I have to dance or jump in the rain. I have to tell the world that I am happy. I have to tell the world that dreams do come true. I have to tell them what 'overjoyed' means. You know, just that particular and peculiar feeling that I have to let out all those wonderful feelings because if I did not, I might begin to grow crazy, really really crazy about him. So I wrote in my diary and whenever I reminisce and start to read the entry on the date that says September 23, the feeling bounces again and I just cannot control myself from smiling.

I really love it when it rains.

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