Friday, November 28, 2008

When It Rains

I am sorry. I missed a When It Rains post last week and I cannot afford to miss another one for this week, so here is the fifth (although I still have my doubts whether I will entitle this as When It Rains or When It Shines, but yes, I am not yet that responsible to make two regular posts weekly so I’ll be focusing first on the When It Rains. Maybe after the fifteenth post of this theme, I’ll be thinking of another regular post so as not to bore my readers that much, but as for now, my mind is still clogged with drizzle moments. May I find the will to follow what I said).

I noticed that in the university, there are no more rainy afternoons (and don’t ask me. I don’t know why. I don’t have such information about weather and temperature and atmospheric conditions). All that’s left are drizzle mornings and very shiny afternoons, making the sun’s heat more oppressive than how it already is. I liked it more last semester when the weather always goes according to how I want it to be, like every afternoon, the rain starts to pour just when the sun is about to drain all of my unleashed energy and every crack of dawn, the sun gives enough energy to people and plants to make them keep going. This semester seems to be really different.

Last Friday, November 21, 2008, I woke up at 5:40 in the morning. I was supposed to wake up at 5:00 so ‘twas so bad for me. While taking a bath and arranging myself, I started to accept that I’ll be attending my Math classes about fifteen to thirty minutes late. I started convincing myself that ‘twas okay and it won’t have that very serious effect. I became more upset because I rushed and did not care anymore whether I do look good or bad and did not care anymore if I am hearing my stomach grumble. I have no time to deal with those because trying not to be late is my greatest concern at that moment. I went out of the dormitory and felt little tears from heaven. I usually walk for three minutes to the road proper where I’ll be riding a jeepney to the university but for that instance, it took me forever. I rode the jeepney, thinking of the perfect alibi I’ll say to at least lessen the rage of my professor if ever he cares and minds. I decided to just blame the rain but after I tilted my head and looked up high above the sky, making me notice the perfectly blue heaven, I changed my mind. How can something so great be the cause of my procrastination when all the while, it was my entire fault? I felt so positive again despite of the very negative situation. I don’t know why but after I saw the sky being scraped by tidbits of pure and pearl-like water while the sun is about to pave its way between those contending buildings, I considered that it was one of the best sunrise I’ve ever seen. I felt that I was too numb to not notice sunrise every morning because I was too concerned about my professor’s impression on me. I sensed that I’ve missed enough because I was concerned about other things. I wasn’t late. I don’t know why but there was no traffic for that day, causing me to arrive in the university the earliest among my classmates. I still cannot believe it. It was one of the moments when it rains while it shines and I just thought that it tells me that whatever happens or no matter how bad the start of the day is, I will still be able to end up the day alright. I just have to worry about nothing. I just have to appreciate what’s obvious. No matter how strong, destructive and forceful the storm seems, there will come a point when it’ll stop and the sun will finally shine.


saveyoursoul said...

lmao something tells me thats not what the quote was referring to--but hey its your interpretation!!

Rhaingel said...

haha.. it is really not how it's supposed to be interpreted but at this point I am so much nauseating about Math stuffs that I get to apply every possible quote to it. LOL. :))

saveyoursoul said...

Haha I agree--math is pretty lame..and if you can use a quote to get out of it--so be it.

Also- thank you for the comments about the photos. I am insanely thankful for every hair on my head and every person dear to my heart :)

Rhaingel said...

haha. Sounds like desperation. :))

You're always welcome. and thank you for always dropping by my blog. It's so much appreciated by me. :)