Wednesday, December 31, 2008

2008 Chapter 2

For the past years, I don’t make a list of my resolutions. It’s just that I don’t feel like something is changing whenever a year ends and a new one paints itself on the calendar before. I make certain pledges when asked. It is usually the first thing that comes to my mind and I usually end up realizing at the end of the year that I was better than last year although I wasn’t that true to my words. Today and at this very moment, two hours before I bid 2008 farewell, I have some things to say.

2008 was a good year for me. I am not a follower of those predictions. I make my own destiny. I realized that the year brought out the best in me in every aspect of my life. I was so happy, the happiest in my entire life. I became more knowledgeable about those things I need to understand about life. I became closer to God, to my friends and to my family, which I consider as the best part of my year. I became stronger than I had ever been in my existence. As much as I wanted to make a list of what I’ve become and what I’ve learned, I do believe that it’s always more than that. I don’t want people to check my list up and confirm if it really says the truth. Today’s New Year is the best so far. Not because of the food served in the dining table and not even because of the brighter fireworks that I’ll be seeing. It is always concerned about the happiness and satisfaction. I am glad that whenever I think about the past year, there is nothing I can think about except those blissful moments. I’ve forgiven myself and that is what made me undeniably happy.

I believe that a year can be considered as well-spent if I also made other people happy. You know, if I'd been a blessing to others. It is senseless to find yourself in high spirits when all the while, the people who give meaning to your life is blank and sad. To make others thankful for the goodness I’ve brought in their life is the best thing that can ever happen to me and that is my goal for the next year. I won’t call it a resolution. I’d rather term it as a target, which I aim in everything I do. Part of those people I am planning to please are my readers here in blog spot. For months of posting, you, my dear readers have always spoken out and told me that I should pursue this thing because someone is reading and can relate. Although there are times that what I have here are pure confessions of heartbreak and frustrations, I am still being followed and truly, it makes my heart swell in joy. I personally want to talk to every person who comments in every post I make and develop genuine friendship with them. Without those readers, I must be busy about other lousy things, never expressing myself on a site like this. I must be a different person without this spot and without the readers I have today. Thank you so much and happy new year to all of you! It’s more than that expression. It’s always more than that. Sometimes, it’s hard to express your sincerity into something as vague as words yet I want this post to convey even a little of those gratification I have. Every night, just before I close my eyes, I thank God for those people who made my day evocative and my readers are always part of that prayer, even though I don’t know all of them in their real names, their hobbies and recreational activities, even though I am miles apart from them. I thank God for people as uplifting as my readers. I can never inscribe how happy I am to receive kind comments or just telling me that they are one of those who have wasted their times to read and see people following me one by one.

Have a happy New Year everyone. Thank you for reading again.


I think, I’ll be telling some other parts of 2008 tomorrow… after the fireworks have broken the dull and silent sky.

Rhaingel... signing-off to year 2008 (wink)


Chloie said...

Happy New Year! You seem to be a sweet and pure-hearted person. Keep it up!

Rena said...

Happy New Year, Rhaingel!

Nice post, btw! :)

Rhaingel said...

Chloie: Hey, thanks for dropping by again. I personally want to thank you for following. As I've said in my post, that was really something. That was a thing to rejoice upon for a beginner like me. Happy New Year! :)

Rena: Thank you Rena. Happy New Year to you. I wish you all the best life has to offer not just this year but for the next years too. Thank you so much! :)

mOkO cHaN_~ said...

That's good to hear that you're getting stronger last year and you are getting closer to God and friends as well and also to your family. You know, it's worth it to read what you have posted because I know it comes from your heart and you express it very well. I love hanging around in your blog it is full of stories and realizations :)

Rhaingel said...

Moko chan_~: We all needed time to grow on our own and be the people we wish to be. I am glad that 2008 provided me the opportunity to grow and learn new things. Thanks for dropping by my blog again. It is surely appreciated. Never be tired of hopping by here. It makes me happy. :)