Wednesday, December 17, 2008

The Beginning

Today marks the official start of my Christmas vacation. I planned this out. I mean, the things that I am planning to do are already laid out. I guess, I simply learned a lot from the semestral break. It was during those times when I felt like I was really bored. I never wanted to be that idle again. I cannot tolerate those passing days with me just sitting and watching the television. This, Christmas vacation, I am planning to make my two weeks of break somehow productive. I want to make the most out of this.

Justify FullToday is December 18, 2008 and according to my planner, I am to make a post about the vacation that lies ahead. According to my planner to, I am supposed to write about the fun I experienced for the last three days. Last Monday, I watch a play of the faculty of our school and really laughed my heart out. Last Tuesday, I took care of a very special person in my life. I do acknowledge that that might be our last meeting for the year 2008. I am not bitter. I am appreciative that all the memories he left me are all great and unforgettable. I will be holding all those within my heart for the next few weeks. Yesterday, which happens to be Wednesday, I spent the day with a brother whom I missed a lot. We were schoolmates during high school. And since college stage came, we have no choice but to find company other than the two of us. We watched lantern parade which is really great and magnificent and spent some time using up our energy running and sitting and just standing and talking about what happened to our lives during the moments that we were so busy and we were not able to check out on each other. It is still nice to know that nothing has changed, that we were still the close friends who treat each other as siblings. It’s so nice to know that some special people don’t change even if time changes the situation. It’s so nice to know that even if they change their lifestyle, they remain as the same loved person they used to be.

I am quite excited for my next days. I am still not bored, a real good thing. (and maybe because this is just the beginning) Somehow, I can still feel his company so there are no days of lunacy yet. I am hoping that those days won’t come. I don’t want to be desperate again. A tablespoon of missing someone is enough. I don’t want to lose and ruin myself again. I am supposed to handle every emotion that I have. It’s not part of my planner. It always says I should do something productive like watch a lot of movies, blog about my 2008, play badminton or swim in the icy pool, edit photos, help my mom with household chores, prepare a fruit salad for Christmas, read a book or two, read Philosophical essays, analyze Math and devote some time for those friends which miss me a lot. I told you, I put things to accomplish for this Christmas break. I just really hope that I will be obedient enough to follow what I laid out for myself. After all, it's for me.

Welcome Christmas break. Soothe me with your atmosphere. Bring it on!

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