Friday, December 12, 2008

From Rhaingel, With Love

Dear Santa Claus,

I hope that you received my first Christmas wish list. The truth is that I am not hoping to receive everything I wrote. I know that I was just day-dreaming when I wrote it. I know that it’s impossible. I know, too, that I was not that nice and good. I was, in fact, naughty this year and I do suppose that you see all of those. I still believe in you. I mean, after so many years of catching my dad putting some candies in the sock I used to hang out our window, and after hearing all the judgments of people that Santa is just for kids, I still believe that you are real, that there is actually nothing wrong with hoping that someone as fat and generous as you really enters houses by means of the chimney… and oh, if ever you are planning to drop by my gift under our Christmas tree, just use the window, I’ll be leaving it unlocked.

Please make me feel the Christmas spirit. I don’t know. I haven’t felt it yet. It’s always raining. It’s not that I don’t like it but somehow, it’s quite difficult to distinguish whether it’s the Christmas atmosphere that touches my skin or it is just an upcoming storm. It’s really hard. I really haven’t felt that Christmas is fast approaching. I am not excited but I want to be. I am still attached to school. I mean, there are still things and papers to accomplish. I am still undone and my planner is still full of schedules and reminders. I cannot see the thing they refer to as the holiday season. Our vacation is fast approaching, too. In fact, it’s three days from now but myself is still chained in the university. Please unchain it, Santa, please do. Please soothe my ears with loving melody of the Christmas carols and not with echoing sound of the word “deadline”.

I think, I need a Christmas party. I am missing high school life in which we yearly celebrate Christmas by means of wearing our best dress, bringing the most sumptuous food, playing parlor games and partying like true irresponsible teenagers do. That Christmas party is like a cue for me that it’s time to stop whatever I am busy at and sniff Christmas, very entertaining. This year, I won’t be having it. I am now in college and college students don’t party like that. I finished that stage but I guess, I am still not over it yet.

Also, please enlighten my mind this Christmas break so that as soon as I go back to school in January, I will have that enthusiasm that Math sucked out from me. I’ll be dealing with it and accept the fact that hating Math will not get me anywhere. Please reward me with that Math motivation so that I’ll have the pleasure of solving for derivatives. Santa, you know very well how much I need it… how much I am dying to have it.

I can go on with my list again. Just like my initial post which asked for four things namely: world peace (seriously), hugs, a PSP and books… and I am sending a letter of gratitude to Mr. C who had given me one of those already even though it’s not yet Christmas (or it’s just me who can’t see that it’s already Christmas? Whatever.) thanks Mr. C. I guess, you know my happiness well enough.

Sincerely yours,


And PS.
I am also wishing for a teleport power. WINK.


saveyoursoul said...

Ooo Teleporting power.

Good idea.

I'll add that to my list.

Along with edward cullen.

Good idea.

Rhaingel said...

That will surely be great. haha. Along with Edward Cullen. I'll add that to my list, too. Good idea. WINK. :)