Thursday, December 25, 2008

The Honesty Scrap Award Part 1

Honesty. I try my best to always include a tablespoon of this in each blog post I make. I admit that sometimes, I exaggerate and make such a very big deal but deep between those lines I put on paper is a grain of truth. I know that some of the fiction stories I did write were product of imagination and were all inventions but somehow, I still find myself in there. I disguise my situation in one of those characters, making it alive because it feels what I feel exactly and thinks what I think about. I do believe that honesty is always a must, may it be on casual conversations or in graded recitations and so to receive an award like this (see picture below) means a lot to me.

It was pass on to me by another honest writer who deserves all the credits in the world, Laura(Come and visit her. Her blog is really great). Thank you for your Christmas gift to me. As all the awards come with a price, this one’s responsibility is to write about ten honest things about you. It should be very interesting (and this is where the challenge starts because I have millions of truth about myself but then again to make it interesting to other people is quite a dare for me). The next thing to do is to pass the award on to seven of the other writers in the blogging world that you think deserves this one.

ONE. I have a phobia with needle. I don’t know what it is called. All I know is that I am so much frightened with the thought that a needle is being prick into someone else’s delicate skin. That thought always leaves me breathless, making me want to drain my brain all the way. The doctor says I can still work on it but hey, where do I start? TWO. I am a frustrated singer. It isn’t included in the list of my talents. I have a voice which is mainly for oration and speeches and not for singing in front of a large audience, or even in front of a dear friend. I’d rather tumble than to allow people hear me singing. I’d rather dance than sing. I’d rather be scolded than sing. I am doing everything to make people distracted when they ask me to sing. Poor me! THREE. The child in me is STILL with me. I still believe in Santa Claus, the tooth fairy, white dress, the perfect prince charming that will carry me up in his castle in the mountains, angels. I am still fascinated with pink-colored lollipops and gummy bears, with rainbows and cartoon characters. I still believe that one day, I will open my eyes and I will be watching it coming true. I know that it’s very awkward for a seventeen-year old teenager in me but I’ve lived so long for those hopes and dreams. I don’t know what to do. FOUR. I am a dreamer. I dream big and I deal with them. I am not the kind of person that dreams during the nighttime then forgets everything as soon as I wake up. I dream and I interpret them in my own sense. I dream about butterflies flying away from me and I promised myself that one day, when fate has brought me into that dream again, I am going to catch it in my palms, only to let it go. I dream about myself running endlessly with no reasons at all and as soon as I wake up, I promised myself again that if I dreamt about that today, I won’t be running away. I’ll be staying only to be haunted by my fears in my dreams. FIVE. I don’t have any pets. Unfortunately, I developed a fright and an anger towards cats because of that particular instance when a stray cat scratched me and being a daughter of an over health-conscious nurse, she needed to inject some of anti-rabies vaccine to me so that I won’t be losing my sanity (and hey, it was a VERY big deal for me because of number ONE). After that, I started to avoid animals with rabies. I don’t want to be pricked with those needles again. Never ever again. SIX. I am afraid of taking risks, like for instance, yesterday, when I skate in a different rink. I wasn’t used to that kind of ice and I was scared to land in my back. I was very scared to skate quickly because of the fear of the risk of falling. I know that it’s normal, that people always fail and fall but due to some reasons, I limited and constrained myself into skating slowly but surely, no twists and no turns. No risks. SEVEN. I am quite regretful. I think this is somehow related to number SIX. Because I am afraid to take risks and I always stay on that safe side, I sometimes feel that there is more than what I experienced, that it’s great but it could be greater if I was just brave enough to take those risks. EIGHT. When I say promise, I mean it and I will hold it even if it takes me everything I’ve got. That word for me is very powerful that when you’ve delivered it, you have to really fulfill it. No excuses allowed and no reasons are valid. When it is a promise, it shall never be broken. NINE. I love penguins and pandas. They are lovely and cute and that makes me crave about stuffs which have their cute images in it. TEN. I am lazy academically. I put off for tomorrow those papers and projects that I can do for today and I don’t study that lessons which are supposed to be analyzed. I don’t listen to boring professors and I day-dream a lot when they start to talk monotonously. I repeat: I am lazy academically.

Well, these are the ten quirks yet honest truth about me. I hope that you find it interesting. I’ll be passing this award to the seven honest bloggers I know in my next post.


Anonymous said...

Hello Rhaingel, I love your ten scraps of honesty! lol You are very interesting and I'm sure others find u interesting as well. The one about "the child is still in me" GREAT!!! Don't ever lose that my dear friend!!! So many of us grow older and forget how to have fun! I've seen people who get so wrapped up in the daily responsibilites, that we all must take care of, but they let those things run their lives, and lose out on the fun things. They have forgotton how to be a child, it's good to keep a carefree side to yourself, and it's hard to do, because as we grow older we have so many things we must be responsible for, and have no time for fun. My basic personality still has a lot of child in it, lol, and I think I owe alot of it to my own children, they have kept me young in a way, and with them, I can let that little girl come out and have fun with them! Oh, and by the way, I'm a medical assistant, needles are just scary! lol, even though I have no problem drawing blood, or giving injections, I still don't like needles either! lol, take care my dear friend, and may you forever keep a little bit of the "child" in you! :)
Julian xoxoxo

Laura said...

Great job! I also hate needles as well - I'm like a small child in a doctors office haha.

Rhaingel said...

MYDEARFRIENDJULIAN: I actually don't know how to thank you for such an amazing and uplifting comment. Really, it encourages me to write more and be a lot better eventually. I always love to have a reader like you. The child in me is still in me and I bet she won't be leaving me until I grow old and gray. I will always love lollipops and gummy bears. Thank you for all of your sound advices. Those make me guided when everything seems so confusing. I am so glad that you seem so much happy with your life now. Take care... always and may the good Lord shower endless blessing to such an incredible person like you. :D
Rhaingel xoxo.

Laura: Thanks and I couldn't have done it without your tag. :D