Friday, December 26, 2008

The Honesty Scrap Award Part 2

And as promised, I am back for the seven people whom I do believe deserve the Honesty Scrap Award. (Note: for the picture of the award and for the instructions of tagging, please read THIS.)

The seven people are the following: (drum rolls)

Julian, saveyoursoul, Micaela, Mila, Tia, Brent, notebookdoodles.

Personally, I love these blogs and to click the links above will surely make you so proud of their talents and honesty in their own respective works. They are really talented and so much deserving of this award. I sincerely look up to them and check out on their blogs once in a while to read their works which are really masterpieces and be enlightened eventually. There are always truth in their works and they entertain people without even compromising honesty and integrity. Their blogs are like textbooks which contain so much information about the realities of life. They are really sources of inspiration for young bloggers like me.

Also, I want to thank Laura for passing on this award to me. Being new in this blogland and being an immature young lady searching for ways on how to improve her writing skills, receiving something like this from the one who can express herself freely on paper means a lot to me. Thank you so much Laura and more powers to your blog! Surely, to be able to see my link in your blog is such a great accomplishment!


Mila said...

Hello sweetheart!
Wow, what an honour, receiving this beautiful award from you! It really means a lot to me, dear!
It's also great i discovered your blog now!
Thanks again...

I will do a post about it of course, and i hope it's today!


Rhaingel said...

Hi. You are so much welcome. You know what is the best part of my getting on line today? It is the fact that I came upon your blog. I was really impressed and was touched by the photos there. Good luck to your future posts! :D

Anonymous said...

Hi Rhaingel, and thank you so very much for including me in the award. And please know, u are not immature at all! I think u are really wonderful and very refreshing! What u are doing here on your blog is more mature than a lot of people could ever dream of!! lol, sad but true! So, u just keep it up and u are sure to grow and mature in lots of great ways! I'm 44 years old and I continue to learn and grow everyday, the day we think we are finished in this process, something else will come along to confuse us!! LOL. Again, thank you very much for the award and I will post soon on this subject. take care my dear friend,
Julian :)

Rhaingel said...

hello. Honestly, there is no need to thank me for the award. I really believe that you deserve it. I have passed it on to you unconditionally because I love your blog. Good luck to your future posts and I am sure that they will all be interesting as you. Take care always! God bless! :)