Saturday, December 20, 2008

If someone loves you, won’t they always do?

There must be millions of questions in my mind right now and majority of those are the questions I am dying to hear the answers. Some things are better left unsaid and because curiosity killed the cat, I must be better off silent but today and in this post, I’ll be unleashing some of the questions that clog my mind. It’s already congested and I have to drain it out. I don't want to punish myself thinking these things alone (and so I am punishing you. May these questions bug you up to your dreams. Just kidding)

If someone loves you, won’t they always do? It sucks that I have been a witness of different marriage ceremonies where couples had the time of their life and exchanged sweet vows to each other. If you will look at them, it seems that Cinderella has finally found her prince charming and as a crazy little teenager, it makes me dream about my own wedding too with my own beautiful bouquet and elegant entourage. It makes me dream and excited about my walking down the isle with my white and long wedding gown while Mr. Right waits for me in front of the altar. It’s every little girl’s dream. Later on, while I was busy listening to sad music and emoting about my own unsuccessful love story, I will hear the heart-breaking news that after they had their children and own house and car, they are already separated. How can something so sweet be so bitter and broken at the end? How can something so perfect be impaired? I do believe that if somebody loved you truthfully in the past, there will still be that love no matter how long the time took and no matter how hard the person tries to deny it. When you love someone, it means that there is this something in your significant other that you see clearly and makes you fall each time. After quite some time after the painful separation, that something remains in him/her and so you still have that reason to fall and be crazy in love again. I also do believe that love can grow lesser and that happens if love is not brought back. It can grow lesser but it’ll always be present and so it rocks my brain whenever I think about my question (If someone loves you, won’t they always do?). They also say that there is no such thing as moving on. You just learn to live life without him or her and not TO NOT love him or her. In a way, I still have this little faith in this because people may appear okay when it comes to their own personal love life until the point that they see their ex and they will have to convince their selves again that they already have moved on, that they return to that same land of agony. For me, it’s a simple cycle when we sometimes reach our peak and thought that we already have moved on only to see our biggest heart ache happy with somebody else and it’s like scratching the scar again.

But hey, I must not be thinking about this. Yeah right. I am beginning to be Little Miss Full of Questions again.

This is just a question. I told you, I have millions that rattles my skull. For now, this is enough. The others are reserved for my next posts.


Feel free to answer my question. It will surely be appreciated and it will surely help. (wink)


b luis grey said...

About perfection being impaired... Maybe there isn't perfection in an ethical sense. I personally don't believe in perfection but believe that the imperfections of life is what makes it aesthetic or beautiful. Unusual or difference is what makes something good, aesthetically speaking.

Rhaingel said...

Thanks for imparting your side. You're right about that. There is no such thing as perfection. hmm.. that makes me want to edit my post but it's done. Thanks again. :)

Laura said...

I believe that the memory of the love is always there. So many people get confused with love, lust, and the hopefulness of love. They get so distracted by all the great things that come if you have love that they can't see clearly what they really have. I believe alot of people mistake love for wanting to rush things along and aren't patient enough to wait for the real thing. Does any of that make any sort of sense at all?

Rhaingel said...

So it's the memory. hmmm.. I thank you so much for providing this little page a piece of your mind. Thanks and come by again soon. :)