Friday, December 12, 2008

It's About Me

Four facts about me. These facts are vital to my well-being and what dominates my life and emotion at the moment. There are other facts about me but this four are the things you have to know about me… so that you will understand why I post this way, why I sometimes get mad and sad and why I jump for joy most of the times.

  1. I am undoubtedly bored with Math. There were posts in this blog in which I confessed, with all my heart that I am not interested with Math anymore. I really mean it. I am actually finding it hard to explain to everyone that I am not exaggerating, that I really dislike the subject and I feel like I am stuck but they will tell me that I can still handle those. How could they? I don’t usually quit into something. Ever since I was young (which I am until now), I am trained to not give up, to not leave anything I’ve started but really, I cannot afford to lose myself each time I listen to my professor who educates us about numbers and limits. I should care for myself. Call me selfish but it is really difficult to push me into something I don’t like to do. I am the type of person who seeks for pleasure in everything I do. I may still be staying on the course but I am not anymore happy with it.
  2. I am addicted with my blog. I am hooked up. I cannot avoid it. I mean, each time I am idle, each time I feel bored in school, I escape into writing, even though I don’t have something sensible to say. I do it most of the time, like it was necessary for my well-being., like I cannot live a day without it. I get overjoyed whenever I receive comments in my post. I get very thankful whenever there is a new follower. I want to write about everything: my toes, my hands, how my day was, street lights, what the professor has just said, the laughter of my classmates, the sweetness of the chocolate, everything. I want to write about everything I see, feel and hear and eventually post it in my blog.
  3. I do believe that Manny Pacquiao made a very good fight with Oscar dela Hoya. I am not his avid fan but after watching his fight, I was totally amazed. I felt proud to be a Filipino. It was as if I was Manny’s child because I am so much proud with him. I believe that he trained hard and so he did it well. He made the Golden Boy surrendered. I jumped when he was announced as the winner. I thank God with him and I do believe that Manny improved a lot since his first steps toward boxing. It’s not the physical capabilities. It’s actually the thought that he still kept his feet on the ground despite of the many things he can actually brag about.
  4. I am madly and absolutely in love with him. No, not Edward Cullen. I mean, I appreciate his sweetness, such a perfect boyfriend but I am in love with someone real, someone who made me fall this deep, that there is no turning back at my point, that the only choice is between I love him or I love him more, someone whose sweetness makes me smile even if I am alone, someone who can make me laugh whenever I refuse to smile, someone who brightens up my day whenever frustrations arrive, someone who gets jealous sometimes in order to make me feel that he is threatened about losing me, someone who does everything in order to make me happy yet all the while, simply seeing him makes me truly happy already. No doubt, I am irrevocably and definitely in love with him.


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Rhaingel said...

Thank you so much! :D

Cherry(: said...

That's true. Manny did out up a good fight.
Yeah, I've been adicted to my blog too. nice blog btw.

Rhaingel said...

Oh, you were able to watch it, too. I am glad that I am not alone in hailing Pacman. haha. Thanks for dropping by. Comments are so much appreciated here. :)