Sunday, December 14, 2008

Little Miss Independent Part Two

Today was my Little Miss Independent Day Part Two. It did feel so great again, much greater than the part one. I did not plan it. I mean, I had that thought of doing it but then I opened my eyes and saw that I pursued my plans.

I was just planning and day-dreaming to pamper myself this day when I saw myself entering the salon. I cannot go back anymore. It was too late. I already entered the salon and the crews are starting to treat me as their V.I.P. It was as if my feet have a mind of its own that it doesn’t listen to my commands. I just thought that after series of Math subject which drained all of me, I deserve some sweet care for myself. This year was a tough one and before I end it, I want to stamp something in my life. I was planning to have some foot spa. I actually did. It was my Christmas gift to myself that after I walked a lot, it’s my feet’s turn to be scrubbed and massaged. It truly deserves some attention because I abused its capabilities. I walked even though I can ride a jeepney. I did not mind my feet’s grumbles. I walked in that muddy road, exposing my feet and slippers to the pollution of the surrounding. I think I truly deserve it. After semi-lying in that comfy chair while the salon woman was busy returning back the glow of my feet, they offered me a hair treatment. I was hesitant. I mean, it happened so many times before and it resulted in a disaster, a very bad one perhaps. I regretted it so much and promised myself that never will I trust any hairstylist again, not until today. In my mind was the thought that today might be different, that this must be the point when all the disasters are going to repay me a sweet look, that today will be okay. I just have to trust… and that’s quite difficult. That is quite a thing.

Anyhow, I said yes. I spent some time re-borning my hair. I mean, it died. I grieved and finally, it’s now resurrecting from the dead. I was excited. Maybe because I felt that it’ll be great, that it’ll be looking good in me, that it’ll be somehow better that it’s used to be. While they were busy with each strand of my hair, I felt independence again. My mom did not know that I was planning to pamper myself. I did not know it either. I thought that I can not ask her permission about that thing, that I have my own mature mind which shall decide what’s good for me. I know that she won’t be angry if she found out where I did spend my money (and sure, she didn’t. She was so happy in fact). She said that it was the time of my life, that I deserve more than what I did. I also thought that my friends will be quite surprised but I am the master of my life, that I did not need to hear a boyfriend’s approval for me to go on with my plans. I can decide for myself. I am not dependent to people’s opinions. I am Little Miss Independent.

There is so much about hair and foot spa. It’s actually the thought that you are doing it for yourself and not for anybody else. It’s a reward, a very good one and will help you feel that fortune you have in being a woman. There is much more than the combs and the organic chemicals they put in your hair. There is so much beyond that salon. It’s always the thought. After all, a little grain of selfishness and compulsiveness in pampering one’s self won’t kill.

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