Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Re-uniting Friendship

I had this get-together with my high school friends yesterday until early this morning. They call it a gathering, a meeting of old but good friends but I would like to believe that after eight months of not seeing and hearing from each other, it was more of a reunion. It was actually a sleep-over in one of my friends’ house (and that is actually the main reason why I wasn’t able to blog yesterday yet I am back today with stories to tell and realizations to share).

I wasn’t looking forward to it, in point of fact. I really thought that it will be a boring get-together with stories which begin with “Now I am a lot better” phrase and I thought that I’ll be finding myself quite out of place during their conversations. I was also not excited because of the thought that I’ll be seeing the ugly faces of those classmates I am not in real good terms with. I was excited, though, to know if ever some of my classmates felt the way I felt before, like for example maturity and independence. Nevertheless, not even one of my predictions happened. Good for me! I was very entertained and I feel like I was in my home and they were my family. I guess, even after several months of changing everyday, I didn’t had any change of heart. They are my friends in the past, in the present and though distance and priorities may have come in between our friendship, nothing changes. We will always be friends in the future. They said that if ever there are changes that they noticed in me, it was the fact that I think deeper this time. It’s also the way I put into words the way I feel but all the same, they still find my jokes funny, my trivia intriguing and my smiles uplifting. I was so happy to hear that. I mean, I am glad that whatever happened in the past- may it be arguments, backstabbing and misunderstandings- those were all parts in the past and no one is actually miserable in the present. No hard feelings. I am so glad to know that they were thinking about me and my condition during those times that I chose to be in silence. They are never boastful and were still the classmates I mingle with everyday during my memorable high school. I miss those silly jokes that made me laugh my heart out. After all, they were the people who first made me scared about losing friends.

We were not supposed to have an overnight stay. What the committee first decided was to stay up to dinner time but because we have infinite of stories to share and to hear, we decided to make the most out of that day, that it is not weekly that we find that particular time when everyone is available to attend a reunion. We know that after that day, it might not push through again because of some irregularities in our schedules. We stayed and laughed harmoniously as we all together reminisced about those stage disasters, failed plays, foods we used to eat, songs we used to sing, games we used to play, angry teachers we made, losing moments during the pep squad, awards we had, competitions we’ve won, other friends we’ve made and everything that made our high school life indispensable in our memories. We reminisced all of them until such time that everyone was silent already and I thank God silently for friends like them before I finally fall asleep.

To wake up with nine other people surrounding you is crazy. I bet that I’ll never experience it in college. I felt my grumbling stomach and aching back. I slept at around four in the morning and woke up at seven. I can hardly open my eyes to at least check the time. I needed time to sleep but breakfast was already ready and everyone else is disturbing me. I missed it. I concluded that high school life is so much different from that of college. I am happy with where I am now but somehow, a part of my heart tells me that I still belong and attached to that happy-go-lucky life.


Rena said...

It's always weird getting together with people you grew up with. Sometimes people change so much, and other times they haven't changed at all. I'm glad to hear you had a good visit with your friends. I hope your sore back is feeling better too. :)

Rhaingel said...

I am a lot better now. Ready for the New Year ahead. It's really nice to know that though some thoughts and principles have changed, the way we treat and love each other didn't. Thanks for dropping by! :)

mOkO cHaN_~ said...

It's kinda different when you are with your High school friends. You'll feel greater and you'll show more about yourself even more. Although most of them are growing up, you'll trust your hs friends even more :) I bet you felt really really happy spending time with them ^^

Rhaingel said...

Moko chan_~: Hey, thanks for dropping by again. It's really different. Now that I am (I mean, WE ARE) already in college, all I have is acquaintances and SOME true friends. Really, it's a lot different world. You are so right about that. I was so happy and was sleepy, too (wink). Thanks for dropping by! :)