Saturday, December 27, 2008

Things to Accomplish Part 1

Still, even though I won’t be celebrating my debut party (read THIS), I decided to cheer up and let go of that darn dream. After all, I’ll hurt myself more if I continue holding on to that. I remembered that sadness is just in the mind and in that case, I have a choice to put it outside my mind and unclog my brain. I am still not 100% on my feet again. I am still sad about that lost dream but I what I am trying to do is to distract myself from that painful realization. I am drowning myself with words and just shouting that the world won’t stop revolving just because I won’t have any debut party. I am too shallow. I decided to just make a list of things to accomplish before I turn eighteen. I have roughly ten months to put a check in each of these and when my birthday came, at least, I’ve accomplished some things and that will be another bunch of satisfaction I will be having. This is my list in no particular order:

[ ] Learn how to skate in ice AGAIN. I’ve already developed that skill once but then after scratching and breaking my ankle, I was afraid to skate again. Maybe it was traumatic for me in a way because if I was faster during that time, then I might have resulted to a girl who cannot walk all through her life. That was something to be cautious of. I want to skate fast again and be not afraid to turn and twist and feel the ice’s chill kissing my face. I want to feel that same frostiness I used to feel in my arms again. I want to get over my fear of falling.

[ ] Horse-back ride AGAIN. As far as my memory provides me, the last time I rode a horse was when I was a third-grader and I believe that I’ll enjoy more if I horse-back ride again. It was the green pasture and farm’s breeze that makes me really savor the moment. I want to repeat that moment and I want to experience it with the people/person who are/is dear to my heart. Wouldn't it be romantic?

[ ] Read 18 novels. I always believe that a writer’s true price is the truth that people are patronizing, adoring or just reading their works. I want to be one of those readers who have been part of the writer’s success and satisfaction. I want them to know that they will always be appreciated and someone will always look up to them and their wonderful achievements. As they always say, do to others what you want others to do unto you. Being an aspirant of publishing my own book, I want to be read as well.

[ ] Learn a new sport. I am actually thinking about Taekwondo or Lawn Tennis. I am still not certain but either way, I want to push through this plan and be a learner once more. After all, I don’t lose anything in learning.

[ ] Make at least three hundred and thirty posts in this blog. I want this dear beloved blog of mine to be not abandoned. I want to entertain the readers that might hop one day on this blog. I have a tendency of being lazy and that makes me worry that I might also have the predisposition to stop posting and just ignore my blog at all. I don’t want to do that and so I am making a thing to do for myself that I have to make a minimum of 330 posts. I already made 81. I have 249 to go and I know I can accomplish it (wink). Send me to the lion's den if I wasn't able to fulfill my words (Just Kidding).

This is just my initial list. I mean, I can always again go on but these are already enough for my post. I don’t want to make unaccomplished tasks and so what I wrote are things that I should start working on right now. I cannot afford to see another disappointment if my birthday came and there are still uncheck boxes.

This may sound so fun but I am still not over IT (sigh).


Megan said...

Sounds like a list that is attainable. Good luck!! =)

hopelessbeliever said...

Hey Rhaingel, I love the list of things u have for yourself to accomplish. They do sound like a lot of fun and I hope u will truly have fun doing them. I am soooo sorry to hear about your party. I was 18 once too, and I too didn't get to have a party simply because my mother didn't believe in such things. But I had watched the other girls I went to school with have their parties, and I felt much like u do now, a beautiful dream, fantasy, but one I would never see. If it is only a matter of money, I would be more than happy to donate to a fund for your party and I bet we could raise the money here on blogger maybe?? I share in your dream for your debut party my friend, so let me know if I can help. You are such a mature, intelligent, beautiful, young lady, and I'm sure your mother must be extremely proud of u. Take care my dear friend,
Julian :) *hugs*

Rhaingel said...

MEGAN : Yes. This first post about those things to accomplish is surely attainable. Thanks for dropping by.

HOPELESSBELIEVER : hello Julian. I also do hope that I'll have fun doing that. It's nice to know that people in here understand me a lot. I know that it was just a party and after I graduate and start earning for myself, I can always throw one but then I am thinking that that was a dream since I was young and to know that it won't be pushing through during my last year of waiting meant a lot for me. I appreciate your comments so much. Really, I cannot put into words how grateful I am to have a reader like you. You just don't say what my posts contain. You help fight the monster in me. Thank you so much! :D

Ash said...

Such an interesting list of reasonable goals, though I think you'll be able to squeeze in more than 18 books over the year.
Good luck! And keep us posted on your progress!

Rhaingel said...

ASH: Hey, thanks for dropping by my blog. It's surely appreciated. I am actually looking forward to reading more books but I don't want to disappoint myself more by failing what I've listed and so I am aiming for just 18. That's the minimum. Thanks again! :)