Monday, December 22, 2008

Treasures to Keep

It is my friends who made the story of my life and to thank and dedicate this post to them is nothing compared to the goodness they brought in me. For the past years of my existence, I’ve been running through cycles of series of ups and downs and what remained constant? In a thousand of ways, they have turned my limitations into beautiful privileges, doing for me what I cannot afford to do for myself. In a thousand of ways, they have It’s my friends who have been persistently there.lent me their wings when I feel so weak and feeble and it allowed me to soar high up above the sky, seeing the breath-taking view of life above. They allowed me to explore into the depths of my dreams and convinced me that life ends when I stop dreaming and hope stops springing when I start to lose my faith. They enabled me to walk serene and happy in the shadow casted by my deprivation. Without them, the story of my life will be nothing but noise and it will never be told.

My friends are the people who taught me about and that is to sit in a comfy bench under the old Acacia tree and talk about what happened to our lives lately, how are we and what’s new. Because of them, I learned about laughing out loud, never caring about how I look like and learned how to deliver punch lines with great buoyancy. They accepted me at my worst and so I am striving so hard to be the best kind of friend that they can have. the most delightful way of wasting timeThey were the ones who reminded me about who I really am during the time that I felt so lost and disoriented and soul-searching won’t do me any good. Support is what I really need in my life. You know, just that sweet pat on the shoulder will tell me that they will always be proud of me whatever happens, that they are always there to bear with me whatever it takes. It’s priceless. I mean, I can give up my favorite bag and my laptop just to keep my friends forever. They are my antidote when he starts to occupy my every thought, something which protect me from total lose of my sanity. They are the ones who shelter me from the brink of despair and from that small ball of self-pity. They told me about sunrise and that it’s coming soon.

My friends are my oasis, encouraging me to go on with tomorrow when I feel like giving up with what’s up. Often times, I feel like a traveler stuck up on a deserted island and though I am alone in my own journey, there are oasis which calms me down whenever I am tensed and anxious and freshens me up whenever I am fed up. They are the oasis which makes me confident about what lies ahead and never worry about that sandy unpaved road that I will be taking soon. They are very essential to my well-being and without them in my life makes me a weary naive traveler with lots of plans but doesn’t have any will and enthusiasm to do any of them. I am so much blessed with my friends. I am so lucky to have them and the truth is that as much as they are proud of what I achieved, I am so proud of who they are and with their pleasing personality.

Most of all, they educated me about the realities of life (that can never be read and learned in those thick Calculus books) which happens to be faith, hope and charity. They taught me about what it really takes to be a human: to love without any conditions... to talk with pure intentions… to give without reasons… to care without any expectations and to pray without pretentions.

Thank you my dearest friends! Really, I cannot afford to lose anyone of you!


Laura Jayne said...

What a beautiful post about love and friendship.

Rhaingel said...

Thank you so much. I made it out of love and gratitude. Thanks again and merry Christmas. :)