Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bob Ong's Lessons 1-5

I’ve been a constant fan of Bob Ong’s novel. It’s actually in Filipino and I’ll say that it’s so far the best among those Filipino informal books. I always pick something from those books even though it’s joke or a line said in the most as-a-matter-of-fact tone when all the while, it is a line which is vital to know if you want to live happily. His novels are full of lines which you would love to read all over again and end up saying “You’re right”. Bob Ong is concerned about the future, about love and career. He is the kind of writer who is very knowledgeable about life but learned from it due to those failures he attained and shares it to his readers so that others will learn, too. He isn’t that serious neither he is too funny. He is a mixture of a witty and comical scribbler destined to touch readers’ hearts.

I decided to share those things I learned from Bob Ong and his novels. So expect me to spend some post here admiring his talent and distributing the lines that made me stop from what I am doing and do a bit of soul-searching. I won’t quote Bob Ong for he wrote in Filipino and I am not directly translating from his words. I am imparting those messages from what and how I understood them.

1. If you don’t love someone, don’t show him any motive for him to love you. We all want to appear friendly and the kind of person others can rely on but sometimes we have to acknowledge that we all have limitations. We have this boundary between friendship and love so that others won’t misinterpret our actions and kindness, perhaps.

2. If you cannot stand to see something held by others, then never let go of that thing. We were all given the option to be miserable or not and once pride has sink in, we are ought to choose being miserable. It's kind of automatic.

3. Don’t hold something which you are going to release later on. Let us lessen the burden of other people by not giving them false hopes. I believe that we all experience failing during the time when we crossed our fingers the most. Let us not do that to others. Yes, there are uncertainties and those are actually inevitable but what we are supposed to do is fight those uncertainties away and make the ‘releasing’ thing our last option.

4. Never ever hold something if you are already holding one. This is a serious one for me. I hated two-timers ever since. It’s a mortal sin for me and to engage into something while another one is on going and has no closure yet is a perfect turn-off for me to dump that person and forget about trusting him again. Talking based on experiences, eh?

5. Love is like an elevator. Why will you prefer to enter it when you know that it doesn’t have any place left for you when all the while, there is the stairs but you are technically and literally ignoring it? We all strive to be accepted and loved and once we start to feel that it’s not happening, then it’s time to forget about it for we don’t belong there.


Rena said...

Interesting post -- :)

Rhaingel said...

RENA: Thanks a lot! :)

Laura said...

Good advice!

Rhaingel said...

LAURA: thank you so much! If you have some time, you can read the continuation of this post. happy reading! :)