Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bob Ong's Lessons 19-26

I thought that I had a long enough weekends for me to accomplish everything but now, it seems to me that I still got a long list of unchecked things to do (sigh). I’ll be going back to my dormitory a bit later and that means I am again away from my Internet connection and again away from my beloved blog but oh! I think that signals me to be more focused with my grades and with my lessons. After all, I am still a student attached with so many obligations. Here are Bob Ong’s lessons nineteen to twenty-six:

19. Let go of the things which hurt you even though they make you happy, too. Don’t wait for that moment when all that you are feeling is just the hurt and the happiness has already left you.

20. Use your heart to take care of the person you love and use your brain to take care of yourself. We all get stupid at love at some point, making fool of ourselves, and so is the reminder goes that the brain is placed higher than our hearts. This is to prioritize thinking about ourselves first than loving others.

21. Love is like an open manhole. The thought of falling to it is frightening and when you do, it’s either by accident or by stupidity and most of the times, it’s the stupidity that causes the falling.

22. Everyone becomes suddenly serious when it comes to love. It’s just that some are not strong enough to face and overcome temptations.

23. Why don’t little children sleep in the afternoon? Don’t they know that if they fall in love, they won’t be able to sleep even though they want to?

24. It’s not the loneliness or fright that is difficult in being alone but it’s the acceptance that amidst the billions and billions of people in this world, no one actually fought to be with you.

25. I learned that final exams are not the passing rate in life. It’s not a multiple choice, identification, true or false, enumeration or fill in the blanks but it’s an essay which you write everyday. It is judged not by how many right or wrong answers you made but rather by the sense in everything you write. Erasures are actually allowed. It’s true that some jobs are hiring for those graduates who have really high grades. Unfortunately, I am not seeing that I’ll be one of them and that’s okay on my part. When I was still in high school or probably elementary, I made such big deal on those exams which I passed but passed with a low score. I thought about those things until nighttime and at some point, caused me to cry out of disappointment and now I am slowly realizing that that’s nothing. Surely, it matters to the totality but flunking in some of your exams doesn’t mean that you are a lesser person than your classmate who scored high. When you apply for a job, they won’t be asking for your score during your second long exam in Math when you were grade five. No one actually cares for those things.

26. I don’t want to get used to those things I can live without.


adrienne said...

You seem to be wise beyond your years!
Lesson #19 leapt out at's amazing the things that can make us happy and miseable at the same time!

Rhaingel said...

Adrienne: Thank you for dropping by! I am glad that you were able to relate on some of my lessons. They are so true. Feel free to come by again some time! :D