Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bob Ong's Lessons 27-31

I am about to prepare myself to a day-long travel and no-one-else-in-the-room-except-me hours of lunacy. I am already missing home although I am still in here. I see it as something funny right now and I hope that later, I can still laugh at this. I am leaving this blog with lessons twenty-seven to thirty-one, second to the last lessons I’ve picked from Bob Ong so far. I know that this isn’t the end. I know that as I re-read his books again, I will be picking some points worthy of dealing about and who knows, I might blog about those things again as soon as I was able to compile them. I am wishing you a happy reading and may you come upon those lessons which are true:

27. Are you actually looking for me or is it my absence that you are looking for? Commonly, when someone starts to avoid us, we tend to miss them or can’t help but be affected. Sometimes, we are looking for that person because it is him/her that we particularly miss but sometimes we just feel the absence of someone, uncertain who that person is, and that we look for that incompleteness.

28. Eat bread made of cat’s meat or walk on broken glass with bare foot but never ever try drugs. If you can’t refuse, ask the help of your parents because they know who the best supplier in the town is and they won’t trick you. Very sarcastic, that is but Bob Ong made a good point in here by saying that the parents will surely help you. Of course, they won’t tolerate their children taking drugs for they want nothing but the best for them. This is such a nice advice.

29. Study hard. If you’ll stop your studies, you’ll regret that during your adulthood for you were not able to experience that distinct happiness brought by those suspended-classes or the-teacher-is-absent days. Yes, those were the best part of being a student, something when you miss means missing half of your life and I just hope that everyday I go to school is one of those great days (the lazy me).

30. Dream and reach for it. Never blame your broken family, impaired love life, impotent pet or flying cockroaches. If there are things which your parents were not able to provide you, you can blame them and be a rebel. Quit your studies, marry early, take drugs, and dye the hair in your armpit. In the end, you’ll still be the victim, a rebel who wasn’t able to prove anything. I, myself, is a product of a broken family. My parents are separated. I am still talking with my dad and with my mom. I am okay and not miserable. At some point, I grew rage on them for giving me the kind of family no one wished for but as time goes by, I realized that to be angry will do me no good. They are still my parents whatever happens and whether I like it or not, I owe them a lot. Right now, I am thankful for the both them and I love them. No hard feelings at all.

31. It’s a big mistake to forget about your dreams just to avoid a terror teacher or difficult subjects. I confess that right now, I am thinking about shifting and not pursuing my course. I am a coward. I am threatened by those difficult subjects and I am more threatened by those professors I see as inconsiderate. Thanks to Bob Ong and his books. Now I am gaining the determination to continue and accept whatever happens. I know that I am going to fail at some point in my life but I care not. I have to face those things which I am actually threatened of and deal with those everyday of my life for I still have three years (and hopefully it won't extend) of spending everyday with Math and stuff.


The Blonde Duck said...

Being away from home is really hard. Just come visit if you ever need some cheer! I hope you feel better!

Rhaingel said...

The blonde Duck: Sure, I will again sometime. Thanks for dropping by my humble blog. :D