Sunday, January 18, 2009

Bob Ong's Lessons 6-18

Well, I am hoping that somehow, Bob Ong’s lessons 1-5 did you a little good. If not, then you might as well, keep those first and then retrieve after quite some time when those lessons are already applicable or you might want to share it to others whose present situation might be scoped by Bob Ong’s wit. Anyway, here are lessons six to eighteen. I am hoping that you'll have a great time reading and analyzing how your lives have been:

6. If you will wait for someone who will flirt you out, nothing will happen to your life. You should be flirting, too. I don’t agree with this lesson that much. Perhaps, this isn’t applicable to me yet for I have all the opportunities to be loved and I still have all the youth. Maybe I will be putting this lesson aside and retrieve it when I am already 35 and still single.

7. If you love someone and he doesn’t love you back, let go. Who knows, you might also dislike him tomorrow. It’s just that his turn was earlier than yours.

8. Break your relationship with someone if there’s no more happiness. Nothing cures the stupid idiot except initiative.

9. If the one you love doesn’t love you back, don’t complain for there are also people who love you but you don’t love them back so it’s simply fair.

10. If you happen to come to a point wherein you love two different people and you have to choose between them, pick the second for you won’t love another one if you are really contented with the first.

11. Just because the two of you chats often, talks on the phone always, joins you in all of your walks or texts you endlessly doesn’t actually mean that he is in love or interested with you. There are just these people who are too friendly, basically sweet, flirt, seductive, make you hoping on nothing and make you fall but have no plans of catching you.

12. Never rush on love. Three, five or ten years from now, you’ll realize that it’s not right to choose a partner just because he is handsome or smart. It’s true that a person’s inner self is greater than everything else. As time passes by, even the ultimate heartthrob will look like Spanish bread. Believe me.

13. Sometimes, even if you are scheduled, you have to wait just because you are not the priority. Hurtful, eh?

14. It’s difficult to act someone in someone’s life especially if you weren’t the leading lady in his script.

15. Do you know how far the distance of two people who turned backs to each other is? You have to travel the world’s circumference once again just to find that person whom you turned your back to.

16. It’s better to fail while doing something than to succeed while doing nothing… and this makes me think about my Math exams and Math life. I shouldn’t be tired after all for these sacrifices are part of student life.

17. Not everything you can comprehend is truth and not everything you cannot understand are lies.

18. If you loved someone and you were hurt, don’t blame your heart for it beats only to supply blood to your body. Now, if you know anatomy so well and you’ll begin to blame your hypothalamus which controls all of your emotions, you’re still wrong. Don’t blame your body organs for those frustrations you have in life. Remember, you’ll be happy only if you start to accept that it’s not the heart, brain, kidney or stomach which is the culprit. It’s YOU alone.


Rena said...

I like #9. That's very true and often we take for granted those who do love us.

Rhaingel said...

RENA:... and we focus on those who are taking us for granted. It's a real irony in life and I am glad that Bob Ong was able to point it out! Hey, thanks for dropping by! :)