Friday, January 23, 2009

Dreams Vs. Ambitions

There is a great boundary between dreams and ambitions. Others see it that way but since I am kind of confused and still uncertain about my future, I separated the two of them. Dreams are the true expressions of the soul, something that your heart tells you. Whenever you are asked about what you want to be when you grew older, that is the first thing that comes to your mind. Ambition, on the other hand is the decision made by your heart and your mind. That is the thing that your ego believed as the best option to take. It is commonly practical and is acceptable by the majority. 88%How Addicted to Blogging Are You?

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I see writing as my passion and being a writer as my dream. I project myself as a short-story writer whose works are known by almost everyone. Somehow, it makes me happy to think about that about five years from now, I’ll be wearing a pair of glasses, plain white t-shirt and jeans, no accessories at all except a simple headband. I see myself writing in that study table which has been with me for almost forever, laughing occasionally because I remembered a funny childhood experience and decided to eventually include it in my work. Later on, I’ll be typing in my old-fashioned laptop then editing masterpieces. That is my dream and for some reasons, I am keeping that thing for myself alone. I am keeping it under my veins and maybe, just maybe, I’ll be pursuing them when everything is already under control. My ambition is to be in the field of Mathematics. Something related to finances, numbers and sort of things that will make my head explode. This is something I also see myself engaged in. Something practical and acceptable. Something that will make people say, “That sounds good”. I must also admit that I am concerned about income, too. It’s true that acquiring money isn’t the key to happiness but given the choice and the situation in this dying country, I want to make a difference in my life. I am pursuing my ambition. Don’t get me wrong. Though I am seeing myself as a writer, I am still contented with what I am doing. I mean, solving while lazy thoughts flowering my mind. I am still contented with answering “BS Math” when they ask, “What is your course?” and I believe that I’ll always be contented about my decision. It is the most rational thing I've ever decided.

The reason why I remembered this little realization is that I saw a post on The Rambler’s blog which includes a test on how addicted I am with my blog. Surprisingly, not to mention honestly, I answered all the questions which I really believe in. I got 88%, a very fulfilling score for someone who almost abandons her blog during busy school days. I realized that it somehow contains truth in it and I am glad the way the test turned out. I am experiencing enthusiasm again. Particularly, with this blog alone. I thought that if the test was “How addicted to Math are you?” maybe I’ll get 4%. I am contented with it but no passion drives me the way it does when writing is what we’re talking about. I guess, after all the convictions I made, the primary difference between writing and Math is the thing I am doing willingly and not just because it’s needed and vital.


The Blonde Duck said...

You can make your dream an ambition. :)

Rhaingel said...

@The Blonde Duck::

thanks so much! Well, I really hope I can. :D

Rena said...

I was 75% -- I thought it would be higher, to be honest.

You are so right and there can be a huge difference between a dream and an ambition. Sometimes dreams are best left as dreams. Ambitions should always be followed. :)

Rhaingel said...


That was a very wise word! I am pursuing my ambition. I'll be pursuing this always. Right now, I am also pursuing my dream. I don't know how long this may take me but if I have to choose, I'll be choosing my ambition and then someday, I'll follow the dream I once took for granted. Thanks for dropping by! :)