Saturday, January 03, 2009

A Simple Recap

I was planning to write about my going back to school. I only have tomorrow to sniff the breeze in our home and after tomorrow, I’ll be going back to my dormitory where my shadow is my only companion. Part of my going back to school was kind of arranging my things- packing up some books and preparing my clothes and myself. While I was busy picturing my dormitory again, I saw a list and checked it out and guess what, I was so contented to found this one… really made my day:

“2007 was not that great. I experienced the worst part of being a woman. I’ve lost people whom I loved a lot and was not able to bring back the joy I once had. I’ve failed- in all aspects in my life except friendship which is the only thing I am hoping for today. But hey, today is New Year and these are my resolutions:

[x] Develop a more intimate relationship with God. For the past year, I realized how blessed I am to be in the position where I am now. I am glad that I am more dependent on Him and trust Him in all the decisions I make.
[x] Gain some weight and achieve more cheeks. And I did! I was able to eat a lot during my 2008 and was able to manage stress in order to gain more weight. If you will check out the photos that were taken during 2007, I was very skinny, and you will never distinguish if I am smiling or not because I don’t have any cheeks at all. Poor me!
[x] Never mind him again. It’s tiring. One of the shallow achievements I had attained for the past year was let go of the people who are not giving me the importance I want and need. It’s sad that my self-esteem gets low whenever people whom I care about don’t give me the attention that I am giving them.
[x] Write in English again. You’re too focused on Filipino. And hey! This blog says it all.
[x] Never cry again for the same reason. Once you’ve mourned for it then it’s the end. No more part two. I made it for 2008. Whenever I am upset or really sad, I cry my eyes out and end up being not able to open it. At least, that was the last. At least, when the morning comes, I face hardships without even shedding a tear, appearing strong without them realizing that I almost got dehydrated last night because of crying.
[x] Watch movies again. For 2007, I wasn’t able to watch any movie. Really, zero. For 2008, I was able to watched 15… making it a very dramatic change.
[x] Finish 5 books. A Grave Denied. ABKNKKBSNPLAKO. Para Kay B. Timepiece. Twisted
[ ] Aim for higher grades. Sorry!
[x] Be more friendly. Come on! Not everyone will hurt you. Open your doors and see the beauty of life once again. And one of my resolutions this year is to decrease my friendliness a bit. I have so many acquaintances and it’s not that I don’t want it. I just want to have friends… real friends.
[ ] Don’t believe in ever after. I still do.
[x] Grow up! And my previous blog posts were the witness for my 'growth'.
[ ] Never EVER view his friendster, MySpace, multiply or any other account he has on line.
[x] Swallow a pill of optimism. I was able to drink a liter of it (wink).
[ ] Try foods I’ve never tried before.
[ ] Learn how to say no."

I believe that it’s not that bad. I was not able to be perfect on putting a mark on each of the item but surely, everything about me improved. I am working on the rest of the unchecked entries along with the others I laid out for 2009.


Rena said...

Good luck! :)

Rhaingel said...

Rena:Thank you so much! :)

saveyoursoul said...

Good Luck Love..

ps. I think you're plenty friendly. But maybe I'm bias :)

Rhaingel said...

Saveyoursoul: Hey, thanks for dropping by again. :)

ps. haha! Thanks again. I am not quite sure if I'll decrease some of my friendliness. I actually don't appreciate strangers on the road asking for my number. :)