Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Week: Broken Foot and Complete Heart

To reflect about how my week was is like counting my blessings. I am not saying that I’ll be doing this every weekend for I once committed myself to write “When It Rains” once a week but managed to write only six posts regarding it. Oh, well, not that bad but I wish I could have done more. What I am saying is that I’ll be having this “My Week” post until such time that I still find my week amazing or extraordinary.

SUNDAY. The truth is I can hardy remember Sunday. All I can remember is that I spend my day between Mr. Stephen King’s pages of On Writing, did a coupe of blog posts, wrote about the wonderful things in my life and got myself ready for a week-long adventure. My Sunday was long because I don’t have much to do. I took a nap during the afternoon and downloaded e-books during the evening. My Sunday was a very idle one.

MONDAY. It was a day I can’t believe it happened. Not because it was too good to be true but I am into certain situations wherein my relationship with other people are too confusing. I mean, I am not sure whether a person is still my friend or he has already cut the tie that connects what we’ve once shared. Nevertheless, I found myself ice skating with him and with my dad. Maybe things aren’t impaired as how they seem to me.

TUESDAY. It was a day full of things I did not expect. First, while I was walking to my first class for the start of the week, I was full of optimism then a man, on his thirties and on a motorcycle, stopped and talked dirtily to me. I was mad partly because I felt like I was abused and partly because it was the start of the week and no one, absolutely no one should be ruining my day. I got irritated. I slapped him then kicked him afterwards then ran for I thought that what I did was just an impulse and I wasn't to think about it. Second, after reaching my class and switching my focus to my friends and lessons, I reconstructed my day again, erasing what happened during the morning. There were things to do and one of them is an examination to our Communication subject. My friends and I decided to conduct a group study but the lights are out and the sun has set. So we lie in the middle of the field, looking for stars. It was full of laughter and while I was laughing so hard, I fell and broke my foot. It was excruciating and caused me to find it so hard to head home and move. I was supposed to be sad but I wasn’t for I saw how my friends cared for me and really, I’ll give up my foot for them. I still ended my day with, “Thank you, Oh Lord” and “Gee! My foot!”

WEDNESDAY. Best thing about Wednesday is the thought that the people you care for are caring for you in return. As for me, I am contented with caring for them. That is something I am happy to do. If they are to care for me back, then that will be another blessing. I started my day being unable to stand. My foot was swelling but thanks to the inventor of pain-killers. As soon as I felt that it’s taking its effect, I took a bath and went to school. I was not able to attend my Math class but I am looking forward to my Computer Science subject. Thanks to him, for he made me realize that he will always be there whenever I need him and that is too much for me to handle. He made me know through his actions that though I am heavy, he is willing to carry me... that whenever I say "Ouch" whenever my foot hurts, the pain on him doubles. It made me know that he is there to check on me if I am okay and is willing to wait to make sure that I'll head home safely. My goodness! I must have accumulated a cavity for his sweetness. :)

PS. The picture wasn't my foot.


Rena said...

I hope your foot is feeling better!

Rhaingel said...


My foot is now better! I can jump and walk and run and enjoy life again! Thanks :D