Sunday, January 25, 2009

My Week: A Completely Random One

THURSDAY. It was a day less of school. I was happy for I was able to attend my Math class which is very vital for me, attended the next class although it was the most boring one and a half hour of my life. I managed to answer questions from my Communication subject. Those were everything important related to school. I headed home after that. I mean, we. Then spend hours and hours laughing at past experiences. It was very special, as it will always be for me. From laughter-full occurrences down to more serious ones. We had a coupe of serious talks which concerns about real feelings especially jealousy. He admitted those times he got jealous about something or someone and so did I. I was both shocked for I wasn’t aware about those things and I was also admiring his cuteness. I realized that he is very adorable when he is jealous, making me know that he has fears of losing me. I love to realize that thing. I confessed about the people I am jealous of. For me, that was something to make our bonding even tighter because when there are fewer secrets, there are also fewer problems. It felt so good to be finally relieved from those things that destruct me. I don’t think that after those confessions, something will change but it’s okay. I don’t wish to completely get rid of those jealousies. Somehow, I see those as points to improve and I saw that night full of confessions as an ‘unclogger’ of those thoughts I am keeping for myself alone.

FRIDAY. I was already home at four o’clock and it was unusual because I commonly arrive home at past eight. I was happy for I spent my university life being with him always. After sharing a sumptuous lunch with him, we went for a walk, discovering places we’ve never been. I felt no exhaustion at all. That was one of those times when I really wished I had a stopping machine but no matter how much I wish for it, it won’t happen and so I guess, I can only be thankful for what we’re sharing and hope that it is as endless as forever. My Friday marked the start of a hell weekend.

SATURDAY. Yesterday, I helped an elementary friend. I know that I have so many things to do but I chose to be a blessing to others. Nothing can ever be compared to the satisfaction one has whenever she/he helps others and so I decided to help him. He was growing insane towards Math and I am seeing myself on him when I needed all the help in the world and don’t know what to do. After we’ve finished dealing with limits and derivatives, he said “Thank you” and that was more than enough than what I expected. Really, being able to make someone happy and thankful is heart-warming. I will be very glad to hear that he passed his exams.

My week was tighter than the previous one. I am pretty much sure that the next one will be even tighter. I am excited and afraid at the same time. My blog will be the first one to receive my summarization of the week ahead. Thanks for bearing with my realizations!


The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom said...

"but I chose to be a blessing to others".

Beautifully written, beautifully lived.

Still loving your blog!

Rhaingel said...

@The Me/ The Wife/ The Mom:

Thank you for dropping by! I love readers like you! God bless! :D

Anonymous said...

Hey there Rhaingel!!!! How are u my friend?? Sounds like school is going well, I hope u are enjoying yourself. I've always loved school and would go back now if I could afford it, lol. Thank you for choosing to be a blessing, you never know how u will touch another person's life. And the warm feelings we receive for helping another , well, there is nothing else like it! :) take care my dear friend,
Julian xoox

Rhaingel said...


Hi! School is hell but I am glad that I made it through last week. It's good. I am hoping that you'll find that time to go back to school. You are also a blessing to someone's life and count my name to that SOMEONE. Take care too! Thanks for dropping by! :D