Saturday, January 17, 2009

My Week: Realizing Out

WEDNESDAY. I started the day seeing him and I don’t know. I was complete instantly. There were low points like we absent ourselves from a class just because we were late and the door was locked because the professor is a monster and she doesn’t understand but that was nothing compared to the infinite smiles I shared with him. That was both irreplaceable and indispensable to my memory.

THURSDAY. One of his classes was dissolved and hey, I once again became the happiest person on earth. We played the sport we once shared and that time, it felt better because I was focused on him rather than be focused on the ball. It was nice just because he was my playmate. We rested for a while then sat on those bleachers, sharing jokes and laughing at those lame players. I felt him while he rested his back on me and I just can’t stop but admire how handsome he looks with that polo perfectly emphasizing his broad shoulders. We then walked under the sun feeling the warmth of each other’s hand while the breeze once again accents the moment. We ate then saw his friends and I felt that joy again because I see him enjoying the moment and I don’t have any more wonderful wish just to see him smiling. I went home with that satisfaction and glee. I said, “Never did it cross my mind that life can be this great.”

FRIDAY. The start of my day was a disaster. I began to think it will be that way until the end of the day and I was in my tears again for it hurts me to see that I am not doing enough to put a smile on his face when all the while, he makes me the happiest person on earth. I see myself as someone powerless, incapable of cheering him up but I am glad that finally, I saw that smile again and I don’t care if someone else has put that happiness in him. I choose to take it in a positive way that at least, he is happy now and I am simply thankful for those people who made him happy when I wasn’t able to do that. Thanks to them or to her. I went to the mall and bought a gift for my father. Then as soon as I arrived home, a surprise came (see here) then I became happier.

SATURDAY. It’s today and I spent the day just doing what I want. I mean, writing, reading, programming, reviewing, chatting, blogging, replying, resting, eating and everything I term to as “fun”. This day was long, the longest Saturday ever for I was able to accomplish a lot of things though I woke up late.

I am looking forward the next week. I know that it may have downfalls, too. That’s vital and I learn from it. Life is not a smooth continuous function. It may have corners and critical points. It surely has an extreme maxima and an extreme minima but I would like to believe that at the end of the day, everything will fall back to their respective places. Whenever I think of these things this way, I always heard my alter ego encouraging me by saying, “That’s the spirit! You’ll get through,” and I know I will.


Rena said...

What a sweet post -- :)

Rhaingel said...

RENA: Once again, thank you so much! Thanks for never getting tired to drop by my page. :D