Friday, January 16, 2009

Thank You So Much!

It was past nine when I arrived home from a stressful travel and a hassle academic day. It was a very long day and whenever I look at my watch to check the ticking time, I always feel my back aching, my hungry stomach grumbling, my head hurting and the soles of my feet all worn-out. This is not a bad day. It’s just hectic one.

So as I was talking, I arrived home at past nine then my mom served dinner for me and while eating, she noticed that I was really hungry. I ate fast and not a single word was heard from my mouth. I was busy and the only thing I was focused on is the food that I am eating. Well, what can I say, I was really exhausted and if ever I do eat a lot during meals, I surely work a lot making what I burn greater than what I consume (a great justification of not following my diet). Then it occurred to her, “You have something upstairs,” “and what is that?’ I asked in bewilderment. “A box from the United Stated of America, a package, perhaps from,” she answered my question. I did not hesitate. I know instantly where and whom it came from.

For the past week, I met a new friend on line. He happened to drop by my blog and comment on one of those articles. He became one of those people who read my entries and it makes me proud of what I am producing. I learned that he is a professional doctor, the kind of person which deserves all the respect from this humanity. I appreciate readers and I appreciate more those readers who are honest and sincere in imparting their perceptions and I do believe that he is one. We talked about this book, “On Writing” by Stephen King and had a couple of discussions and exchange of opinions quite related to it. I appreciated all his advices since someone as young as I am should be listening keenly to those who have more wise experiences than me. A while ago, I received the book from him and it seems like that package was an exhaustion-sucker that I was instantly uplifted and I cannot anymore hear my grumbling tired body. I was excited just as how a little child is excited to open her wrapped gifts under the Christmas tree. First, I cannot believe it in my eyes because I am not that kind and good enough for God to send me someone like him who, even for a short time, was able to teach me so much about life, inspired me with things which concerns career and path of profession and then gave me something that can help me improve those imperfections I see in my writing. As soon as I pinched myself and found out that I wasn’t dreaming at all and it was real, I promised myself that that book won’t be something like those which I started but left after halving its chapters. I promised myself that I will finish that book and be eventually more inspired after living my life between those inspiring lines.

I don’t know how to thank him and that may be the primary reason why I am blogging about him and about what happened. Somehow, this blog shall forever contain a small portion that speaks something about him and my gratitude and how he made my day because of the gift and the effort to send me something. I am aware that even though I blog about that gratification everyday, I won’t be telling the exact feeling of appreciation I do have at the moment. I guess, after playing with so much words and searching for the exact phrases, I am admitting that I failed and cannot think of a better expression that “Thank you so much!" I appreciated it. I really do.


Rena said...

That was really sweet of your friend to send you the book. :)

Rhaingel said...

Rena: Yes, so much! I am so honored to receive something from him. I am so much flattered. I really see him as a blessing. :)