Saturday, January 24, 2009


That familiar question which runs thus “If you are stranded in an isle, what are the things that you would like to bring?” really reflects on how people are prioritizing the material things that they have. It’s a simple question and very common, perhaps but nevertheless, I am still answering that. Here is my list:
  • A pen and notebook- Surely, to be left alone on an island is something that will make me lose my insanity completely. I should bring a pen to at least lessen the things I am keeping for myself. Even though I am not yet deserted in an island, writing has always been a thing to do for myself. I know that I am doing it not so often, maybe four times a week but believe it or not, it makes me ready for the upcoming week, whether it’s hell or idle. I cannot imagine myself fighting for survival in a land mass without writing everything that I am going through.
  • The Bible- It is in those times that you realize how blessed you are with your life and all the opportunities laid out in front of you. I do believe that if I bring a bible with me, then I’ll be having many wonderful realizations about life and about God. I believe that it will be one of those things that will keep my hopes alive and something that will save me from the brink of despair.
  • Chocolates- I have two comfort foods: chocolates and ice cream but since I am pretty much sure that ice cream will just last for hours then I’ll settle for chocolate which can last for days if I manage to control myself and don’t eat everything all at once. I need my comfort food to lessen my stomach’s hard feelings towards me for just digesting fruits and sea shells all the time.
  • A camera- The twilight and dawn, green mountains and wild animals will be very perfect for a snap. I want to capture every little thing I saw during my experience and eventually print those photos and keep it in an album so that my future grandchildren will look at those with amazement and disbelief that such things exist not only in movies but also in real life. I’ll keep it and stare from time to time when things seem to be different from how they used to be and conclude that “I’ve survived that deserted island. I can survive here too,” then end up counting my blessings.
  • A jacket- I need something to keep me warm and comfortable while I am away from his loving arms. I always hate to have colds. It stops me from my usual activities and end up sitting in a corner with running nose and sneezing every after ten seconds. So I am bringing a jacket with me and I hope that it will protect me from those chilling nights and rainy days.
  • His picture- If I’ll be deserted alone in an island, it’s like saying that I will have all the time to miss him and I know that if I am seeing his picture, I’ll long for his company more and it might cause my sadness but at the same time, it will bring me happiness for it will remind me of those very happy times when my lips can no longer handle my smiles. It will make me fight my situation and go back home.
This is my list, perhaps the most important things I have at the moment. What are the things that compose your list? I might be very glad to read about this in your blogs. :)


The Rambler said...

Oh interesting list....

mmmm, lets see. I'm gonna think about this one and post later.


Rhaingel said...

@The Rambler:

Thanks! I am looking forward to your post. :)