Saturday, January 10, 2009

Under the Moon

Carry me under the moon and let me feel the frosty air that is allied to the Christmas season. In there, we will sit and hold each other’s hand and admire its perfect round shape and how it illuminates the dark sky. We will switch our attention to those old trees whose leaves’ designs are so much intricate for human’s comprehension and whose branches are shadowed in the ground by the moon’s startling brilliance.

Let us walk under the moon and look up and whisper how we love to be with each other’s company. Let us walk and feel the warmth of each other’s arms while people envy how lucky I am to be with someone like you and make everyone who see us conclude that we are meant to be. Let us walk under the cold nighttime with the nature surrounding us and singing sweet lullabies in order to make each other smile and make that smile even more illuminating than the moon. Allow me to tell you how much you mean to me and how much that visit made me jumping because of joy. Allow me to savor each second passing by for that was the most essential part of my living.

Stop for a while and sit and love the way the moon illuminates within your eyes. Allow me to realize things while I am under the comfort of your company. Pinch and convince me that I am not dreaming about my heart which belongs to you and yours belongs to me. Never cure me on the addiction I currently have in you for in this condition, I am loving you more than life itself. Look up and realize that we are both under the same starry sky while I am sincerely wishing that things will forever stay this way and love will forever be this sweet. Look up and admire those twinkles while I am thinking that nothing sparkles the way it does whenever I am with you and that sparkle is much more exquisite than those street lights, those bright stars and that full moon. You make me realize that the Twilight Saga can come true in my life and that someone real is a lot better than Edward Cullen.

Look up at those clouds trying to decrease the moon’s sheen but are unsuccessful because the moon will make a way just to dominate the dark night sky. Look up while I am admiring a more breath-taking scene than the moon and that is a very delicate face of an angel which is with me and is holding my hand. Look up while I do realize that our souls are connected and that I just can’t breathe without you. You make me wish that I have a special power to pause the time for as the moon becomes brighter, the night becomes deeper, reminding me that no matter how this day may seem so perfect, it has to end with you and me in our own different houses yet I hope- just hope- that someday, we will never have to part our ways and we will watch the moon slowly drifting away because the sun is already rising. Though it takes time, I know that we will still be the same: the way we look at each other and see no other people, the way I relax when you put your arms around me, the way we laugh with each other’s silly jokes, the way we smile because we kind of know what each other is thinking about, everything!

Bring me under the moon and make me realize than you are all that I hoped to find in every single way. Allow me to do the simplest thing in the world- to sit beside you, hold your hand, rest my head on your shoulders then tell you that I love you and mean it and we’ll both see how the world will crack open.


Anonymous said...

Hey Rhaingel,
This is such a beautiful post, very beautiful indeed my friend. The moon is big and bright here tonite, shining down as if to light my way back to heaven. you write so beautifully, it is very inspiring my dear friend, I hope u are having an awesome weekend :)
take care,
Julian xoxo

Rhaingel said...

HOPELESSBELIEVER: Thanks for dropping by again! The moon is really great and it inspired me to write something about it. thanks for the praises, made me smile. I had an awesome weekend. I hope you have one, too. :)

Rena said...

Great post! I love the picture too.

The Rambler said...

Very beautiful!

I feel whimscial (?) just reading it!! :)

Rhaingel said...

RENA: Thanks! I love readers like you! :)

The RAMBLER: This post is full of whimsical feelings (laugh). Thanks for dropping by! (wink).

saveyoursoul said...

Absolutely great post love. Thanks for dropping by my blog. This post makes me think of lyrics from a song that I love:

Some kind of magic
Happens late at night
When the moon smiles down on me
And bathes me in it’s light


Rhaingel said...

SAVEYOURSOUL: Thank you for dropping by and for all of the praises.

I love the lyrics. I wonder what song is that? I am so much interested. :)