Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Describing my Mentors Part 1

School and student life are one of the few things that interests me the most. Perhaps because my world revolves around it today so I cannot help but be really attached. However, if I am one of the people who happened to drop by my blog, I will find the picture quite incomplete. Yes, there is the speaker, the writer, Rhaingel but I will find it difficult to imagine what the professors are like.

First, I would like to clarify that I am proud of the professors I have. Don't get me wrong. I know that some of them gets into my nerves at times and challenges my patience and perseverance but the point is that I always learn from them. I attend my classes not because of the attendance but because I am certain that I am going to pick something in there that I may never came upon to my life again. My professors, in their unique ways, are all interesting. Some are interesting because they seem to be mysterious but the others are so open but still you can’t see within. I always catch myself dumbfounded by the thing they have that I still don’t have enough: experiences and that marks all the differences.

First, my professor in Communication 3 classes. I remember the first time she oriented our class. I thought she was strict and snob and everything a terror teacher is being described by books. I was wrong. The moment she smiled, I saw the genuineness and I felt like I was facing my own mother. We don’t have this special connection. In fact, I don’t think she even knows my name but that’s okay. It’s enough that once in my life, I encountered her and that I had so many laughing moments because of her. She is the kind of person that has myriad of stories to tell and funny jokes to punch you up. I find her funny and cool for a Communication 3 professor and if I will be on that age, (maybe 40s or 50s) I wish to have that kind of enthusiasm and very positive outlook on things. She seems not to worry about anything. She has the spirit I admire and wish to have. She was the one who told our class that each of us can contribute something to the world. Until now, I am wondering what’s mine. (Well I hope that that’s something nice and memorable.)

I was expecting that my Communication 3 class will just be full of pronouncing “eeeepple” as for “apple” and “supermeeeeeen” as for “superman”. I never thought that it’ll be this exciting, really makes me look forward to every Tuesday and Thursday. I guess, I am just pleasantly surprised.

As a warning, this description is kind of biased. I love communication and this maybe the reason why I love the professor, too. I am interested with talking to large audiences and that may also be the reason why I find the subject and teacher cool… but whatever, this is my opinion and this is my blog.

Possibly, I’ll be writing about my other professors, too, the kind of people which makes my learning time worth-while. Maybe I won’t. I am planning that this post will be a series. I still have my Physics, Math, Chemistry, Filipino, Philosophy, etc., teachers to describe. I learned so much from them and they contributed a lot in my college life. Maybe a simple and single blog post won’t hurt at all.


Rena said...

I didn't like school much, but there are a handful of teachers that really stand out in my mind. It's a real blessing to get some like that. :)

Rhaingel said...


yeah, right.. They teach not only Chemistry and solving numbers but the realities of life that can never be inscribed in those textbooks. :D