Sunday, February 15, 2009

I Smell Nationalism

I am kind of confused right now. When I first made an account in blogspot, I was hoping that I will find bunches of Filipino people here but I wasn’t able to do that. I mean, I was searching and the people I see are mostly Americans. I thought, if there are Filipinos in here, there will just be a few. Apparently, while I was in the middle of my searching for good blogs last Saturday, I was able to drop by a Filipino blog. It already has a lot of posts and a lot of followers already which are Filipinos. I was a bit anxious. The main reason why I set this blog up on English is that my main readers are Americans. Right now, I have a thought of putting Filipino posts in here. I wonder if it’s okay.

While honing my English language, I find myself quite trapped in Filipino language. I must admit that at some point, I took my native language for granted. I am guilty. Still, I know, it’s never too late to do what I think is right. I will be putting up a Filipino blog. I know what that meant. I must take care and manage two blogs. I know that it is also kind of difficult. I acknowledge that this blog doesn’t receive my full attention. I just drop by occasionally whenever I have something quite sensible to share and having two blogs actually means that I have to divide that ample time I have every weekends.

I want those two blogs to be equally successful. I want them both to give chronicles about my life and both shall mark my existence. After all, that is my main purpose of putting up this blog because a diary may get ruined by some hot coffee or cruel cat and stories about me will never be heard from tongues. This is a very effective way to prove that Rhaingel was once here, has once existed.

Lately, Filipino thoughts are bugging me up. Deep words and nice-to-hear phrases are constantly making me insane about the language. I wanted to write in Filipino and so I decided to put up a novel. It is not yet done. It is not yet on its peak yet I am so glad because somehow, I don’t feel that drowning from different thoughts. I am, somehow, enhancing that native language. However, I wanted to tell stories about me on the novel but the story won’t come up if I do that so I considered about a Filipino blog. It’s free and it won’t hurt, I know but I wasn’t that convinced at first. Perhaps it is because I will start from blank again and that could be a challenge. I remember about starting this pen pusher thing. I would have deleted this if not because of my classmate who happened to drop by and told me some words of encouragements. It’s hard to write when you know that it’s just you who reads that is why I am so grateful for my readers here. I can hardly imagine about starting all over again but that’s okay and I am doing it. I know that no other satisfaction can ever replace that one caused by writing. I know that it’s weird and I am again, imparting my shallowness here but never mind. This is my blog and this is my life, right?

If ever you are interested, my Filipino blog goes here: Kilapsaw . "Kilapsaw" is a Tagalog term for thoughts.


cyndirellaz said...

will visit ur filipino blog na hehe!! ^^

Rhaingel said...

Thank you so much! I'll be waiting. :D

saveyoursoul said...

Awww. I think that is a very important part of you and I hope you find the best way to embrace it :)

Rhaingel said...

I think so too. Thank you so much. :)

The Rambler said...

The most important thing is to be true to yourself. Do what feels right and the rest will fall into place. :)

So extremely talented to do blogs in TWO languages!

I'm sure it will be successful.

mavs said...

Hey, go on with what your heart desires. You did a good job in your English blog, I see no reason why you can't make it using our mother tongue as medium. Go go go.

lucas said...

hello there! ms. novelist! will you post your chapters here in your blog? hehehe!

i share your dilemma. there are just some filipino thoughts that wouldn't come across when delivered in english..hays..i guess you'll have to manage two blogs! woohoo! i'll visit it later :)

it's ron. the author of the coffin rock. thanks for following me :)

anne said...

I think there are many Filipino bloggers on blogspot who feel the same way that you do – that they have to put up their blog in English to cater to everyone. I am slightly guilty of doing the same thing... but mostly because my grasp of Tagalog isn't as good as English :( 6 years lang ako tumira sa Pinas kasi eh. Good luck with your Filipino blog though! :D

Rhaingel said...

@The Rambler:
I totally agree. That is really the most important thing... and hey, I might be blogging about the same thing later on. Thank you for the woderful idea. I think it's a culture-driven thing that I know two languages. I am trying to be a master of both. That will take me time, for sure. Thanks for all the support. :D

Thanks! I will be following your advice. It's always nice to hear people telling me that at some point, I impressed others. That is one thing for me. Thanks again! :D

Hi! Thank you for dropping by here. It's nice to know that I am being read. Maybe, i will just post the chapters of my novel sometime... but not now. It's not yet done kasi eh and I am still on the editing stage. You're welcome Ron! I followed your blog because I really think that it is so interesting. :D

I am seeing those Filipinos just now and I feel so welcomed in the Filipino community. I am trying to hone both of my languages. I am trying to welcome everyone through my blog. I wonder where in the Philippines you stayed in and if you still know and understand the language. Anyway, thanks for dropping by! :D