Monday, February 23, 2009

My Week: A Flyover

Done with the worst part of my week and the absolute minimum. Haven’t we are all told that things will end up alright? Well, for the longest time, it did once more. The quote doesn’t seem to fail me at all. The latter part of Friday was the highlight of my week. I felt that I was really TOO immature for acting the way I did. I was close-minded and was too obnoxious. I did not know what was happening and I just minded myself. I was too blinded that others do have their own dilemmas too and while I was busy setting up my little drama, they are dealing with bigger things. I felt that I was the one who pained myself. I was the one who made myself suffer. Instead of helping myself, I only made things bigger. Good thing that communication never failed to connect ties. I am glad that things were resolved and I ended up eating the food I craved for, having a mango shake that contributed to my happiness and listening to songs which have special meanings in my life. I am glad that I was able to see that smile again from the one who gives me the smiles too. We went to the mall and shared conversations and petty jokes there. I must say that I miss that kind of Friday, the kind which reminds me that the week may seem cruel but it will still end blissful and the kind that drives me to the expression “TGIF!”. That Friday made me feel like home. It’s good to be back on track and be ready for whatever it is that is yet to come.

Saturday was again concerned about friendship. I went to a formal gathering with jeans, shirt, slippers, headband and powder. I was different in a sense that everyone spent hours curling their hair and I just combed it after leaving the jeepney. I wasn’t ashamed or any of the like. If I was, I won’t be writing about that here. I was confident that I will still feel the sense of belongingness in that crowd where people are wearing gowns and drinking cocktails. Fortunately, I did. I don’t know what’s with me. I guess, I was just determined to prove everyone that I don’t need to dress like a princess to be one and it’s not the attention that I am hungry for. I was actually after the thought of returning to a place which once taught me about the realities of life. I just wanted to visit the place I once called home and express them a little gratitude of where I am now. After all, Rhaingel won’t be Rhaingel without them.

I shake my stress away by jiving into that music played by the DJ. I was partying like a true irresponsible teenager does but the difference is that my mom knows where I am and what I was planning to do and she approved of it. After the clock strikes one, I decided to leave the party and head back home. All of my former classmates went to an overnight stay. I did not join, for the first time and I went home with them behind shouting the words, “Kill joy”. I wasn’t upset. That is what I wanted to do: to go home after partying and not abuse the trust my mom is unlimitedly giving me and there are no what if’s at all. There are no regrets and hard feelings that I wasn’t able to join them. I was also glad that I was able to refuse the pressure they were insisting on me. After reaching home, my mom welcomed me and told me that she is happy that I did not texted that I can’t come home. She said that she was glad that I inserted effort of going home when I can choose the easy way: to join my classmates and never care that there is this beloved person I call as mom who is waiting for me at the middle of the night. I was glad after hearing what she said and that made me convinced that though my classmates, at some point, had hard feelings over me, I made the right choice and I did the right thing.


lucas said...

thanks for sharing these thoughts, rhaingel :) surprisingly, i could relate...

Rhaingel said...


This post is something which is light and spirited. I am glad that you can relate. Have a great weekend! :D