Sunday, February 15, 2009

My Week: Full Stomach and Heart

THURSDAY was kind of idle again. I was looking forward to Friday because I have two cancelled classes and that is like saying that my Friday won’t be that loaded. I planned to review because a draining Math exam is coming again but it didn’t happen. Once in a while, enthusiasm comes and visits me and it happens just once in a while. Unfortunately, there was a party in the first floor of my boarding house and everyone was singing broken notes. I was kind of disappointed. I was so much irritated. I wanted to tell them that they are not the only people living in there and that a little consideration to others won’t hurt. I switched my attention to other things. I lie down my bed and told myself how I love him so much. I got a piece of paper and pour my heart out, causing me to shed tears because I know that I really and madly do love him and that I’ll never love that way again. I was also afraid because there is just one him in this world. I wrote how much I love him then got disappointed too because I found out that I can never write exactly how much I do. No words can ever say it. I slept and dreamt about him. Thursday is such a happy day, isn’t it?

FRIDAY was a real example of the saying which runs thus: Everything ends up alright. If it doesn’t end up that way, it’s not yet the end. After all has been said and done, I went to my last class and tried to give my full attention to my programming subject. That was the best thing I can do and not think about him that much. I can never let jealousy eat me up. As hunger and exhaustion and dissatisfaction about the day filled my thoughts again, I considered about going to a concert and at least deal with music while having my heart fixed. I was determined to join the countdown to Valentine’s Day while I am alone. I did and I shouted all of my voice, got out of control once again and for a moment, pretended to be okay when I am not. I am good at it. I then walked around with my friend with no expectations at all. I was determined to get some fresh air apart from the atmosphere in the stage. There was a spark that tickled my eyes. I cannot be wrong. That was the spark which happens only when I see him. I really cannot be wrong. There is just one person who can make me feel like that. I was kind of shocked and unbelieving. He was there while I know that he was with someone else. My heart melted to the ground. I was still round the bend but my heart told me that she was very happy to see her counterpart. I can’t stand to stay snob. I cannot stand to not express all the affection I have for him. I ended that day with so much love for my only one and welcomed hearts’ day with so much happiness because we’re together as the fireworks destroyed the sangfroid sky.

I spent majority of my SATURDAY, Valentine’s Day, sleeping. Right, sleeping. It’s not that I am bitter or any of the like. It’s just that my Valentine’s Day is already complete and no one can ever be happier than I was already. As the nighttime painted itself on the sky, my dad went here and brought us to a fancy restaurant where we all pigged out and used up all the spaces in our stomachs. Until now, I still get a stomach ache whenever I think about how much I’ve eaten. I just hope that the next week will give me enough time to burn all those calories. Argh! There’s something wrong about me. I eat what I see.


Rena said...

I'm glad you got some rest yesterday. Sleep is always good.

Rhaingel said...


There is no other better thing to do than that. I LOVE sleeping! :D

saveyoursoul said...

It's so true--if everything is not alright in the end, its not the end. I think thats sometimes the only thing that gets me through a day.

Rhaingel said...

@saveyoursoul: Sometimes, whenever something bad happens, I feel like I am so stuck up and that's the end. I feel like my world would stop revolving but as soon as things start to appear that they can be resolved, I also start to realize that I'll get through no matter what happens. :D