Sunday, February 08, 2009

My Week: Totally Out of Control

The first part of the week was quite packed, full of deadlines and examinations and dozens of post-it notes. Everything seems to engulf me. It was a hell week though I don’t want to treat it as one. The week continued as it always does. Everything seemed to make sense. Everything seemed to be going lighter and happier. My foot was finally okay and so am I.

WEDNESDAY. I woke up early, checked my laptop for the last time. You know, miracles happen. I was thinking that it might work and finally, I’ll continue the unfinished project… but it didn’t. I went to school, attended Math, and then spent the rest of my day finishing the project I was working for a month. I know what’s impossible and to finish that project is not one of those. The anticipation I swallowed last night took its effect. I sat in front of my friend’s laptop with the person I love beside me. He was sitting and looking at what I am doing, providing me more than enough motivation. That moment, I wanted to finish my work as soon as possible so that he’ll be glad and he’ll have no worries. I did. It was that thing that satisfied me the most. I finished my work with him by my side, occasionally advising me some tips on how I’ll make my work easier and faster. He was beside me when hunger started to drop and head ache started to plague me. I was the most thankful person in the world then and up to now. I passed my project and went home, bringing with me happy moments about the day. Each step I took was the realization that I need him, that I am lost without him and that I want to love him everyday of my life.

THURSDAY. His class was up to seven o’clock while mine was just until eleven-thirty. I was supposed to go home and laundry my clothes and lie down to get some sleep but then, I don’t see any productivity in there. I know that if I immediately go home, I’ll be filling myself with thoughts of him and what is he doing and I’ll surely miss his smiles and everything about him. Dealing with what-if’s is what I hate most. I decided to stay in the university and wait for him. Surely, after I waited and saw him finally, the lub-dub in my chest grew stronger. We played cards with his other classmates and some friends just to kill some time. Again, I laughed out so hard whenever I lose during the game but behind that laughter is a crying lady because I can hardly imagine how lucky I am to have someone like Clint Harry Gemoto Angeles who is an undeniable angel in my life. The truth is that, his smiles fill my days with constant joys and irreplaceable happiness. That time, while seeing him happy and enjoying the moment, I wondered if there exists something which is better than that feeling, but there is none… absolutely none. I was equally happy, too and I was glad that I waited instead of simply going home. I was so crazy in love while watching him hold his cards, laugh after I caught him cheating during the game and explain though we both know that even if he cheat a million times, he will still be the same person I am irrevocably in love with. While walking to the terminal towards home, I was looking at the stars, at the Orion, at his eyes. For a moment, I closed my eyes and pinched myself, wondering whether it was a dream or an effortless fantasy but as soon as I opened my eyes, I saw his face again and I knew then that what he have is real. The wait I did was all worth it and if I will be given a choice to live that day again, I will still choose the path I took for it made me really happy. It made my heart beat faster and slower at the same time, simply amazing, simply breath-taking.


mOkO cHaN_~ said...

I am so glad to hear that you made your Programming project in just one day ! You're super! maybe your "angel" gives you strength all the time.

Ayeeee!!! :D

Nice post!^^

Rhaingel said...


I must admit that I really couldn't have done it without him. I owe him a lot and I owe you a lot too. Thanks for cheering me up that night. :D