Sunday, February 08, 2009

Valentine Cards

Dear Writing,
For the past years, I have been constantly addicted to you. You listen to my problems and to my happiness. Though you don’t tell sound advices, you make me realize my mistakes by myself. Without you, I must be blue and must be crazy. You help me retain my sanity and make me ready for whatever it is that the day is offering me. Without you, my life won’t be that happy and won’t be that fulfilling. You are a very special part of me… and you’ll always be, forever. I will be keeping in touch with you until that day that I am in my death bed.

Ever Loving Laptop,
I would like to begin this letter by saying that you are the remedy to my boredom. You have so much in you that stops me from being a monster. You let me blog, edit pictures, finish my projects, play games and most of all, connect to those people I miss a lot. Thank you so much laptop! Sometimes, I feel like I am not doing enough to take care of you. Sometimes, I allow these viruses to penetrate your system and I am very sorry whenever that happens. Sorry if I save so many files in you, causing you to collapse and give up. I want you to be with me for the next few years. I need you.

To my Pain-Killer,
I owe you those days when dysmenorrhea strikes and I am about to go to the mall. I owe you those nights when I am about to do an unfinished project and head ache starts to sink in. Without you, I could have absent myself from class a dozen of times. Without you, I wasn’t able to attend those evening plays I look forward to and those movie-seeing I’ll kill myself if I miss. I owe you a lot my pain-killer. May you still help me for the next few years?

Dearest Penguin,
I don’t know what’s in you that drives me crazy. I know that you are undeniably cute but is that enough? I am so much inspired with the thought that you spend half of your life to search for that particular penguin for you and the other half being with that one you finally found. Simple glimpse of you makes my heart jump and out of control that I cannot stop myself from hugging even a stuffed toy that replicates you. You’re the second cutest creature I know that exists and I really love it when you’re fat and small. Thank you for giving me something to hug whenever he is kilometers away.

Beloved Double Dutch,
The reason why I hate global warming is that it makes you melt. You always make me happy and smile. I don’t know why but whenever I am down and something bad happens, a taste of you makes me cheer up and going again. You are a drug of my choice. I love your chocolate flavor that stripes its way towards crunchy nuts and soft marshmallows. You make me crazy and spoiled. You are truly a blessing in my life and it will always be that way. I love you so much Double Dutch! :)


Lady Glamis said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. :)

I love this post. What a clever idea! And I love that you love penguins. They really are amazing.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for continuing to blog! someone should thank you! Glad your laptop has recovered from the viral infection. If you like penguins, you might like to see the 'webcam' of baby penguins growing up here at Mystic Aquarium in my home State of Connecticut!

ingats. RabiesWarrior

Christina Farley said...

Like your blog. Full of the honest truth. Cute Valentines too! Made me smile.

Rhaingel said...

You're welcome. Thanks too. I am so much fascinated with them. They are my definition of cute creatures. :)

It was so infected during the time that I need it the most but oh, well, if someone should be blamed, it will be no one but me. I'll be checking out the link you sent me. Thanks! Take care. :D

I like your blog, too. I am glad that I made someone smile because of my post. You may come by anytime. You are so much welcome here. :)

Rena said...

Great post, Rhaingel!

Rhaingel said...


thanks. :D

mOkO cHaN_~ said...

wow I never thought that you have so many dates this valentines. Lawl. :D

I love your post specially to the laptop one :D I hope it's fixed :d

Rhaingel said...


well, these things are the "love of my life" which helped me a lot. I know that at some point, you can relate and you have these things which you cannot separate yourself from. I hope that you'll take time to write to them too. :)

Well, the laptop is now fixed. Thanks again... for dropping by and for talking to me that night. I was almost crazy. (No, I was crazy already) :))